Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vinayak partaking in his school dashing rivalry. The race gets everything rolling while Chavans begins rooting for him. He continues to search for Sai and Savi however they couldn’t ready to come on time. He gets apprehensive and stays on his place as he couldn’t ready to run.

Chavans gets stressed for himself and continues to urge him to run. The race gets finished while Vinayak remains firm on his place. In the mean time, Pakhi and Virat goes close to him and request that he complete the race. They continue to rouse him while around then Sai and Savi likewise arrives at there. Virat gets stunned seeing them while Pakhi prevents him from responding forcefully.

Savi takes the mike and request that Vinayak get up. She reminds him about his commitment and announces that he need to satisfy it. In the interim, Sai likewise takes the mike and says empowering discourse to Vinayak. She expresses that he can make it happen and request that he finish the race. She reminds him about his hardwork while he gets propelled and begins running.

Pakhi and Virat runs alongside Vinayak while Savi and Sai likewise goes along with them. Everybody begins supporting him and the jury becomes thrilled seeing Vinayak’s endeavors. He sidelines his apprehension and gets fruitful in running the entire ground. He at long last finishes the race while everybody begins cheering.

Pakhi embraces her child and states that victor isn’t the person who comes out on top in the race, yet is the person who finishes it by finishing his trepidation. Sai and Savi additionally values Vinayak and causes him to feel like a hero. While, Vinayak tells about the planning of Vinayak and declares that he finished the race breaking his own record.

Pakhi and Virat becomes close to home while Ashwini states that atleast now Sai will leave their life. In the mean time, Vinayak grins seeing his friends and family blissful and request that Virat return to their home. They were going to return when the Chief makes a declaration and stops them. She declares that there is an exceptional honor for Vinayak.

Ahead, Vinayak goes on the stage and gets a decoration for his boldness. Everybody applauds him while he gets the mike and gives credit to Sai for his triumph. Chavans gets maddened and charges Sai for catching Vinayak into her snare. Ashwini shows her concern towards Virat and Pakhi’s relationship with Vinayak and petitions God for their advancement.

Pakhi likewise gets the mike and values Sai for her endeavors and time to treat Vinayak. Everybody begins applauding Sai, while Virat gets the mike and he gives credit to Pakhi for Vinayak’s triumph. The last option gets amazed while Virat tells about how she went to Kankavli to persuade Sai to treat Vinayak and consistently upheld him through thick and diminishes. Pakhi becomes profound and shows her appreciation towards Virat.

Further, Vinayak embraces his folks and grins while Savi checks out at his decoration and applauds it. He then, at that point, goes towards Sai and welcomes her for the night party while Chavans gets disappointed. Sai concocts a rationalization that Savi isn’t well and they couldn’t ready to go to the party. While, Vinayak says that he will celebrate with Savi on the following day. He expresses that there will be another justification for them to celebrate while Savi grins recalling about their arrangement. Though, Sai chooses to remove Savi from Nagpur.

Precap:- Virat makes his group capture Sai while the last option battles to get herself free. He faces her and broadcasts that she is getting captured for powerfully getting inside his home and slapping him. He proceeds with that she likewise captured a young lady and got her far from her dad. He request that his group remove her, while Bhavani and Sonali grins seeing Sai in a difficult situation. Though, Pakhi becomes stunned and feels terrible for Sai.

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