Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virat educating his family concerning Vinayak’s accomplishment and announces that he finished the race in only couple of moments. Everybody gets thrilled finding out about it while Virat gives credit to the mentor.

Bhavani grins and broadcasts that they needn’t bother with Sai any longer for Vinayak and states that at last they can dispose of her and Savi. She takes a gander at Omkar and request that he draw out the tickets and give it to Sai, as she doesn’t need to remain in Nagpur any longer. Pakhi gets quiet hearing their discussion while Virat questions her about it.

Pakhi handles what is happening and takes the ticket expressing that she will send it to Sai. She gets a thought and chooses to welcome Sai for Vinayak’s race as he really wants her presence to win it. She then takes care of Vinayak while Bhavani says that Pakhi again saved quick for her child. Virat shakes his head in dismay and urges Vinayak to play out his best.

Virat broadcasts that Vinayak will definitely come out on top in the race, while the last option ask that what he will get in the wake of winning the opposition? To which Pakhi answers that he can interest for anything and they will satisfy it. Vinayak becomes happy and ponders his guarantee to Savi. He chooses to request that Virat embrace Savi as his girl, so they will remain together.

Sai gets a package from Pakhi while Savi continues to interrogate Sai concerning Vinayak’s race. The last option chuckles at her girl’s relentless inquiries, while she likewise gets glimmers of her cheerful minutes with Virat. Savi demands to open the package and the two gets astonished seeing the modified Shirt to help Vinayak.

Pakhi shoes the altered Shirt to Chavans while they all gets eager to applaud Vinayak. They makes him wear cap alongside the shades and guarantees that he will without a doubt win. They spoils Vinayak while he likewise gets invigorated for the hustling contest.

Ahead, Chavans sits wearing the Shirt to help Vinayak in the yearly game service. They energizes Vinayak while he grins seeing his family and trusts that Sai and Savi will come. While, the children around begins upsetting him. They ridicules him and starts harassing. He attempts to disregard them while they passes frightful remarks on him and ridicules his condition.

The chief makes a declaration about the race and expresses that interestingly Vinayak is partaking. Chavans begins hooting for him, while he continues to sit tight for Sai. In the interim, the last option goes out alongside Savi to go to the dashing contest. Usha values her for supporting the youngster while Sai shows her energy. Usha questions that what she will do after the race?

Further, Sai will gets into thinking while Savi removes her from that point. They stalls out inside the traffic while Pakhi message Sai to come quick as the hustling is going to begin. Sai and Savi gets stressed and begins running towards the scene. Sai tumbles down and gets harmed yet attempts to run. While, Vinayak’s race gets everything rolling except he couldn’t ready to run stops on the beginning position. Chavans gets stunned seeing him.

Precap:- Virat gets into a battle with Jagtap and holds his collar. He broadcasts to show him a thing or two while Jagtap uncover reality to him about Savi being his girl. Virat gets stunned and moves back from Jagtap. Though, Sai chooses to leave the city alongside Savi. She was going to get inside the train, when Virat comes there and holds Savi’s hand to prevent her from going. In the mean time, Sai and Virat takes a gander at one another and the last option gets stunned.

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