Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virat arriving at the mishap area alongside Sai. They sees the basic states of the cops and ends up being stressed. They takes a gander at each other and signs to begins their work.

Virat surges towards the cops and attempts to connect with them in his discussion. He likewise sets the vehicle up to drag the officials out from that point. He reliefs the officials who were in the middle of between the jeep. Though, Sai helps Virat and furthermore begins treating the harmed officials. She gives pain relievers to lessen their aggravation, as well as help their injuries.

Virat and Sai together saves the existences of a few injured officials. In the mean time, Sai feels torment in her legs and Virat sees it. He gets her in his arms and approaches her while she sees him being astonished. Though, around then DIG sir alongside specialist and other cops comes there to help the harmed officials. Virat welcomes them while he values Virat and Sai’s hardwork.

DIG sir takes a gander at the situation and values Sai for giving her all as a specialist and getting the patients save their lives. He shows his proudness towards Sai while the last option answers that she took care of her responsibilities as a specialist. While, A specialist likewise comes there and ask that who treated thr patients? To which DIG sir takes Sai’s name and acquaints him with her.

Sai welcomes the specialist while he applauds her abilities and says that in view of her many officials got saved. He gives credit to her for saving their lives. Though, Virat gets back to his home, while Sai likewise returns. Savi and Vinayak enthusiastically advise them about their school and tells how they appreciated each other’s conversation. Everybody gets cheerful seeing them blissful.

Virat request that Vinayak tell everything uproariously so everybody can hear it. He insults Pakhi in regards to her choice while around then DIG sir additionally comes there. He tell about hos Virat and Sai helped the harmed officials and says that he have a proposal for him. He demands to have a confidential discussion with Virat while the last option takes him inside the room.

Ahead, Pakhi goes their to serve snacks to DIG sir and hears their discussion. DIG sir request that Virat work with Sai collectively as they have an incredible holding. He broadcasts that he have given a similar proposal to Sai, while Virat ask that what was her answer? To which DIG sir says that he needs to hear Virat’s answer prior to enlightening him regarding Sai’s response.

Pakhi gets stressed for Virat’s answer and educates the relatives regarding the matter. They gets into a contention while Pakhi becomes strained. Virat takes time from DIG sir while the last option says that he knows about Virat’s past and to that end believes him should take a right choice. He disappears from that point, while Sai likewise reviews her gathering with DIG sir. Usha likewise advises her that they needs cash.

Further, Pakho defies Virat and apologizes to him for her slip-up. She holds hands before him and request that he pardon her for the misstep. She then communicates her sentiments to him and says that she truly care for their relationship. She broadcasts that she chose to communicate every one of her concerns straightforwardly to him and ask him not to work with Sai. Virat answers that he was going to deny the proposition himself, while Pakhi gets thrilled and embraces him.

Precap:- DIG sir faces Virat and Sai and questions them about their choice in regards to his proposition. He get some information about his response, to which the last option answers that he ought to have denied the proposition yet he couldn’t ready to make it happen. He declares that he is prepared to function collectively with Sai. In the interim, DIG sir gets some information about her choice and states that everything relies on her answer, while she checks Virat out.

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