Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pakhi getting worried for Virat’s physical issue and she attempts to help him. She brings medical aid box and was going to treat his injury however he grabs his hand away from her. He insults her for giving him inward agony and pronounces that due to her he need to avoid his little girl.

She gets close to home and cries while he disappears from that point. Around then Ashwini comes there and control center Pakhi. She attempts to cause Pakhi to comprehend that nobody can have her spot in Virat’s life. She declares that Pakhi will continuously be Vinayak’s mom as well as Virat’s significant other.

Ashwini proceeds with that Pakhi likewise need to comprehend that Savi is additionally Virat’s girl. She expresses that Sai is her mom thus Pakhi need to change with them regardless of anything. That’s what she proclaims on the off chance that Pakhi attempts to isolate Virat from his girl, he won’t extra anybody. She demands Pakhi not to obliterate her relationship due to some misconception.

Ashwini request that Pakhi have trust in her marriage as well as on Virat that he will not double-cross her. Though, Vinayak prepares to go to his new school. He ask Ashwini for the morning meal and communicates his fervor. While, Virat comes there and gripes of his shirt button. He request that Ashwini sew his wrecked button while Pakhi likewise comes there.

Pakhi attempts to help Virat and says that she will sew the button however he stops her. He frowns at the last option and reminds her about her shortcoming. He denies to take her assistance while she feels awful. He request that Ashwini help him while the last option approaches. He request that Pakhi prepare as both the guardians need to visit the school to leave the children. Vinayak inquire as to whether Pakhi will come to drop him? To which she answers emphatically.

Pakhi states that she will continuously be with Vinayak while Virat scowls at her. In the mean time, Pakhi alongside Virat, Vinayak, Savi and Sai arrives at the school. The Chief invites them and afterward takes the children inside their new class. She acquaints them with the understudies while Savi and Vinayak gets invigorated and afterward snatches their new seat.

Ahead, Virat alongside Sai and Pakhi meets their children while the understudies takes a gander at them unusually and snickers expressing that they have one dad yet two moms.

The understudies derides Savi and Vinayak while Savi lets Virat know that she previously cautioned him about it, yet he was resolute to do what he needs. In the mean time, they leaves from that point. Pakhi goes to Sai and apologizes for her slip-up while she says that she would rather not in the middle of between any couple.

Pakhi gets back inside the vehicle while Virat insults her for doing mix-ups and afterward saying ‘sorry’ Around then he gets a call from his senior and gets stressed realizing that some cops got into a mishap.

Pakhi get some information about the make a difference to which he tells that he can’t make sense of her around then. He was going to go when he sees Sai and moves his vehicle towards her. He request that Pakhi leave the vehicle and clears up the matter for Sai.

Further, Virat takes Sai expressing that she can help the poor and abandons Pakhi while the last option gets stunned. She arrives at home while Bhavani and Sonali insults Ashwini for caring for Sai and Savi. They sees Pakhi while she educates them concerning the crisis where Virat and Sai goes to help the officials.

Sonali affects them against Virat and Sai’s closeness and says that he might have taken Pakhi additionally alongside them. The last option stands firm for Virat however Bhavani request that she face the truth.

Precap:- DIG sir visits Chavans house and salutes Virat for his valiant work. He says that Sai and Virat has helped so many harmed cops and afterward converses with Virat secretly. He says that Sai is a particularly extraordinary specialist and he lauds her holding with Virat in crisis circumstances. He says that he needs to give a task to Sai in their specialty and inquire as to whether Virat is fine to work with her? Pakhi tells her sentiments to Virat that she isn’t happy with him working alongside Sai, as she is his ex. In the mean time, DIG sir stands up to both Sai and Virat in regards to their reaction for the proposition for employment.

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