Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th March 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th March 2022 Written Update: Episode begins with Chavans commending holika Dehan work, while Sai goes along with them. They gets stunned seeing her in a conventional wedded ladies outfit, while she broadcasts to come their as Virat’s significant other. She faces Virat and demands to play out the Puja together. Omkar guidance Virat to consume the fire to keep antagonism like Sai away from himself. Chavans insults Sai and orders her to leave Virat, expressing that they are to the point of keeping him free from any danger. Pakhi defies Sai and ridicules her reminding about how she was the person who faulted Virat for having an unsanctioned romance and denounces her for grabbing their Virat from them. Sai apologizes to them requesting to continue on and guarantees that she will satisfy every last bit of her obligations as Virat’s better half.

Here, Bhavani faces Sai and questions that why she is behind them? She reminds about the separation and request that Sai disappear from the matter. He says that he would rather not keep any relationship with Sai while she watches the dramatization in the middle of the Baker and her folks, in regards to herself.

Ashwini reminds Sai about their discussion and tells that she guaranteed that she won’t come in the middle of them and Virat. Sai recollects her choices of the past and answers that she have done a lot of errors, yet presently needed to make a huge difference.

Somewhere else, Virat goes to play out the Holika Dahan and Sai goes along with him. He takes a gander at her while others gets angry seeing her doing it alongside him. They consumes the Holika, while Sonali and Bhavani broadcasts Sai to be the genuine Holika. Sai chuckles hearing their insults and answers back saying that of she is Holika then they are her groups memebers.

Sai reminds the Chavans how they consented to her words and themselves likewise haven’t confided in Virat. Pakhi becomes incensed at Sai and request that she leave. Sonali attempts to quiet Pakhi, yet last option looses her attitude and faces Sai. She derides Sai, while last option gives a befitting answer making Pakhi shut. In the interim, Pakhi attempts to slap Sai, yet last option holds her hand and gives an admonition.

Ahead, Sai request that Pakhi avoid her and Virat’s matter while last option sends a passing glare to her. Samrat additionally lets Sai know that it will be better assuming she leaves from that point without making any show, to which she reminds him about his response in the wake of finding out about Pakhi and Virat’s reality. She says that she will effectively acquire Virat’s trust and says that nobody can drive her out.

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Sai says that there is the separation declaration which is isolating her from Virat. Sonali goes up against Sai and reproves her for undermining them. She even censures Sai, while last option faces her with effortlessness. She squeezes Sonali, while last option gets stunned and was going to slap Sai when she stops her and request to squeeze her in the event that she needs. Ashwini requests that Sai let her child live in harmony, while she denies to go anyplace without getting his statement of regret.

Further, Virat lets Sai know that he will not pardon her. He says that he would rather not ponder their relationship and demanded her to go. She denies and afterward consumes the legal documents. Everybody gets stunned seeing her activities, while she vows to keep Virt cheerful 100% of the time. He says that there can’t be everything fine in the middle of them, to which she actually remains confident. Bhavani attempts to powerfully discards her, while last option calls out and request that Bhavani leave her hand, showing her conjugal bangles and says that it demonstrates the long existence of Virat.

Precap:- Bhavani announces that Sai can powerfully goes into their home yet not their heart. She answers that she will accomplish each work in turn and vows to prevail upon them soon. She takes her packs and hauls it to go inside the Chavan Niwas, while she unexpectedly does Grehpravesh inside the hoise, while Devyani advise her about it. Everybody gets stunned seeing it, while Sai grins.

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