Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th September 2021 Sai hides her bag behind sofa. Virat walks to her. She hopes she could express her feelings for him and he could understand her. He hopes same and asks what was she doing. She says she was keeping her old books. Pakhi knocks door and asks if she can come in.

Virat nods yes. She tells him that she and Samrat planned a family trip for 4-5 days after Ganesh visarjan to Mahabaleshwar. Sai looks at him. Pakhi says she can understand that he wants to skip Mahabaleshwar as he had a bitter experience with Sai there, so they can change the location. He says he is fine with Mahabaleshwar as he found his Jiva/Samrat there and whole family can meet Samrat’s orphanage children.

Pakhi then tells Sai that she is not like Sai thinks, so she kindly came here to invite her for this trip. Sai says she doesn’t have to be kind to her. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to talk to her if she rudely replies to her normal behavior, Samrat specially invited her and wanted to know if she has any exam, so she came here. Virat asks him not to give importance to Sai, when he has lost hope on her, why she is bothered.

Pakhi says she has to or else Samrat will blame her as he doesn’t know Sai better than they do, Samrat thinks Sai is most true person here. Sai says she is bothered about her presence and absence, if not then why she is taunting her when she is silent; will Pakhi be happy if she attends this trip, she knows Pakhi will not, then why she is inviting her. Pakhi reminds her that she felt guilty when she went on a solo trip with Virat and promised a family trip; Sai didn’t, but she planned a trip as she cares for a family.

Sai says Pakhi is unfit to understand her intentions and reminds her how she wanted to accompany Virat on a trip to search Samrat, but when Sai was also coming, she angrily tore tickets. Pakhi asks why is she comparing that issue with this one. Sai says she really cares for family and planned a family trip; Virat tricked her and had something else planned. Pakhi asks why she is creating an issue. Sai says she need not worry as it won’t happen from tomorrow.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Virat asks what will happen tomorrow. Pakhi says as if whole world will change. Sai says it will for her, they both can live happily without her hindrance. Pakhi (trying hard to get some expressions on her face) says Sai is ruining her own life with her deeds and is overreacting after Samrat’s return; if Sai thought she will suffer whole life, she is wrong as she is happy with Samrat; Sai should be happy that there won’t be interference between her and Virat. Sai says Pakhi is interfering more mow and visits room often in lieu of talking to Virat. Pakhi gets angry and warns her to stop talking nonsense.

Sai says she is talking sense and asks how many times she entered their room for silly reasons, if she is confident that nobody will question her after Samrat’s return; Pakhi hates her since the beginning as she is hindrance for her. Samrat tells Pakhi let us end this topic here and go somewhere else or else Sai will continue to create an issue.

Pakhi says she will consider this room doesn’t exist and asks Sai to tag a board outside that everyone are welcome except Pakhi. Sai says she cannot do that as this room belongs to Virat. Pakhi says she cannot create a place for her in Virat’s heat by doing all this. Sai asks her to think she doesn’t exist and ignore her. Virat says she is right and tells Pakhi let us go out and speak. Pakhi asks Sai to remember that she invited her as she changes her words, especially in front of Samrat.

Sai cries remembering Aaba and tells him that she is leaving this house and knows wherever he is is watching her and understands that she doesn’t have any other option, this family has to bear her tonight and they will be free of her from tomorrow, she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Devi walks in and asks if she doesn’t need even her. Sai emotionally hugs her. Devi calms her down and requests not to cry. Sai says she needs her to hide her secret and asks if she informed anyone that she is leaving house.

Devi says no as nobody had tara ram pam key, but Virat is very intelligent and guessed it easily. Sai amazed asks what did Virat say. Devi says he told Sai is telling this since she came here and let her go if she wants to. Sai asks if she informed anyone else. Devi says no. Sai says they will execute this secret mission tomorrow as they are a team. Devi gets happy and says their team will win. Sai asks her to go and sleep now, they will start their mission at 4 a.m. Devi agrees and leaves happily.

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