Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Virat promising to save Sai at any cost. He tells to Pakhi that she didn’t understand him at any time. He says that if something will happen to her then his promise given to Aman sir will be broken. He prays to Bappa to cure Sai. He ask Pakhi to leave him but she tells that she cannot leave him now she matters to her, yet Virat tells her that now for him only Sai matters and no one else. She tells that Pulkit is a good surgeon he will treat Sai. She tells him to have something. Then she says him to drink green tea as it’s his favourite. He tells her to forget the past.

Nind tells to Bhavani that no news came for Sai. Bhavani says that we are praying for Sai she will be fine. She says that she is little stubborn that’s why she might have left the house. Karishma says no she left the house because of Virat as they have returned from their anniversary trip, all time they are fighting. Sonali hugs Karishma and tells that Mohit doesn’t give her that importance still she is happy. Bhavani says may be Sai is little rigid still she is good at heart. Yet Sonali provekes Bhavani against Sai. Nanid ask Sonali to stop complaining about Sai when she is on death bed.

Samrat brings medicine, Virat tells to Palkhi that she really thiinks that he will leave Sai and go with her to drink green tea. She says she is not stone hearted. She says that she is just supporting her. She ask him not to bring negative thoughts in his mind. He holds her hand and tells her to pray to God for Sai and then he cries. Samrat finds Virat holding Pakhi hand, he says this was left to see. Virat sees Samrat and leaves her hand. Samrat ask Palkhi why she looks worried. Virat tells to Samrat that how important he is for him. Samrat says that he had lost trust on him as whatever ha had seen now. Pakhi justifies Virat, yet Samrat is not ready to believe their words. Palkhi ask Samrat to pray for Sai and hold Virat. Samrat says that he called Virat only to sign the form, he tells that Sai is staying with him from one year but still he didn’t gave her wife position. Virat says he cares for Sai that’s why he was going away from Sai to let her peacefully complete her education. He says that doesn’t matter what others think of him still he will pray for Sai. He says to Samrat not to misunderstand him right now.

Pulkit comes to Samrat and tells to Samrat that apart from him you are only his family. He tells him to find blood for Sai. Virat ask Pulkit that how is Sai, will she be fine? Pulkit tells him that he said it doesn’t matter is Sai will leave the house. All of them were shocked when Sai left. Pulkit says that Devyani suffered so much due to that. Pulkit blmaes Virat for Sai’s condition.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th-Oct- 2021 Written Update:

Precap- Virat tells to Pulkit that Sai had come out from death, so he will stay away from her and give her space. Ashwini takes him to meet Sai from outside her room. Virat tells to Sai that hé was asking for husband’s right but now he doesn’t have any right to see her. Sai opens her eyes.

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