Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pakhi finding Saradha Meera chatting with Agastya and asking her what she’s doing here. Meera hands her ring to Agastya. She says that Agastya purchased a ring for Pakhi the earlier day when he brought her here. She was inquiring as to whether he gave her that ring. Agastya says that she ruined the astonishment. Agastya gets on his knee. He slides the ring in Pakhi’s finger and communicates his affection for her. Meera clicks image of them in telephone. She leaves.

Pakhi inquires as to why Tara’s educator is meddling in their own life. Agastya says that an educator turned out to be a higher priority than his ring, she didn’t say the way things are. Pakhi says that it’s great, she loved it. She inquires as to why he didn’t gift her last evening when he shocked her. He says that he gifted it that day to make it unique. Pakhi says that he is charming, yet that educator is disturbing. Agastya embraces her.

Meera inquires as to whether she arranged anything for her folks commemoration. Tara says that she says that she didn’t. Meera says that she will assist her with arranging something. She murmurs an arrangement in her ear. Tara watches Pakhi and Agastya recordings alongside Agastya, Pakhi and relatives. Tara gratitude for showing the wedding video and gestures of recognition Pakhi’s magnificence.

Tara says that they will do again Pakhi and Agastya’s marriage as she was absent during their wedding. She demands Pakhi. The last option delays. Dadi requests that Pakhi concur since they will get a chance to celebrate bliss. Mona gets eager to do wedding shopping. Pakhi concurs. Tara gets excited.

Prema and Shanaya show up at Agastya’s home and meets Pakhi. Prema says that Sameer is out of the town. They accumulate to perform puja. Pakhi can’t light the diya regardless of two endeavors. Agastya lits the diya. Dadi and Pakhi get stressed thinking about it as terrible sign. Pakhi and Agastya play out the aarti together. Tara makes the aarti plate fall inadvertently and apologizes to Pakhi. The last option says that it’s fine. Somewhere else somebody is shown lying oblivious.

Pakhi is stressed over the terrible sign occurring in the start of the marriage ceremonies. She inquires as to whether Dadi additionally feels something is off-base. Dadi would rather not stress Pakhi thus, she chooses to conceal minister’s words from Pakhi. She consoles Pakhi and requests that she rest so she can look delightful in her wedding the following day.

The morning Pakhi’s mehndi function is going on. Pakhi and Agastya joyfully dance. Prema says that she brought bangles from their precursors sanctuary. She makes Pakhi wear those bangles. The bangle breaks and eradicate Agastya’s name on her mehndi. Pakhi gets stressed that from the earlier day everything is turning out badly. Somewhere else somebody gets injured in his grasp. That individual’s face is uncovered and he is Agastya. His hands are connected with chains.

Meera says that Pakhi will wed another person the following day and giggles. Agastya yells no. He says that he won’t ever allow that to occur. He says that he won’t allow her to prevail in her abhorrent goal. A FB shows. Meera hits Agastya with pole. She shows the copy Agastya says that she performed his plastic medical procedure to get his property. Agastya swoons. FB closes. There copy Agastya inquires as to whether she’s fine on the off chance that they need to go to the emergency clinic. Pakhi says that she’s fine. Here Meera says that the copy Agastya taking care of her responsibilities impeccably. He got blended with his family and nobody realizes that he is a copy. She says that soon he will move every one of the properties to her than she will give him Pakhi.

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