Ajooni 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update:

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Episode starts with Avinash and his mom look through Geet. They becomes stressed over Geet. Rajveer comes there. Avinash asks what the last option doing there. Rajveer says that they looks strained. He discusses Geet. They understands that Rajveer is behind Geet’s vanishing. Avinash’s mom asks Rajveer that where is Geet.

He tells her that crooks are exceptionally hazardous these days. Avinash asks Rajveer that where is Geet. Rajveer’s companion brings Geet’s sack. Another companion brings Geet. Avinash’s mom embraces Geet. Rajveer undermines them to not tell about it to police. He advises Avinash to avoid Ajooni for the good of his family and leaves from that point.

Then again, Subhash lets Beeji know that he arranged list of attendees. Bharat and Meher packs gifts for visitors. Subhash picks Avinash’s call and he gets stunned hearing him. His family asks him that what occurred. He illuminates them that Avinash would not wed Ajooni. Bharat asks him that for what reason Avinash changed his decision.Subhash uncovers that Rajveer abducted Geet. He says that they can’t fault Avinash in this. Rajveer and his companions praises their bliss. Ajooni’s family heads outside. They sees Rajveer’s update about commitment. After some time, Rajveer’s companions tells Rajveer that Ajooni and her family is furious still. Rajveer remembers to follow through with something.

Following day, Meher is going to open the draperies yet Subhash stops her. He says that Rajveer and others sitting outside. She lets him know that they can’t live this way. They hears entryway thumping sound. Bharat opens the entryway. Bindu comes there and switches on Television. Rajveer declares his commitment with Ajooni on Television. Everybody gets stunned seeing that. Rajveer welcomes everybody for his commitment.

Rajveer’s sister Dolly watches the promotion as well. She runs ground floor and she slams into Maid and she battles with her. Rajveer’s mom comes there and she reprimands them. Rajveer’s sister by marriage likewise comes there. Cart illuminates them that Rajveer getting hitched. She uncovers about promotion. Rajveer’s mom says that Rajveer can’t be serious. House keeper says that they ought to treat Rajveer in a serious way.

Subhash gets calls from family members. He lets them know that Ajooni’s commitment will not occur with Rajveer. Subhash’s neighbors comes there. They commends Subhash for tracking down a rich person for Ajooni. They requests that he not fail to remember them subsequent to turning into a section in legislative issues. Subhash tosses them out of the house. He cries and he secures himself in the room. Everybody gets stunned seeing that. They requests that he open the entryway. Bharat breaks the entryway.

Beeji requests that Subhash not cry. He tells her that he lost and cries embracing her. He says that he lost the regard he acquired. He lets Ajooni know that he made an honest effort to battle however he fizzled. He says that he is no utilization now. Ajooni requests that he not say like that. She says that they will battle. Also, it’s their chance to answer Rajveer.

She adds that she will uncover Rajveer and Ravinder utilizing media. He lets her that know that will not be simple on the grounds that Rajveer’s family is strong. Bindu concurs with him. She says that they have some control over media. She gives an illustration of Manjeet. She requests that Ajooni not accomplish something which can demolish everybody’s life. Subhash says that they shouldn’t do anything against Rajveer.

Precap – Ajooni and her family attempts to leave the city. In any case, Rajveer stops them. He drops the commitment. He declares that he will wed Ajooni.

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