Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pakhi getting close to home on seeing Agastya dozing and stroking his face. Ishan sees this. He dismantles Pakhi saying that he needs to converse with her about something significant her. Ishan shares with Pakhi that Agastya isn’t acting once more. He says that he did likewise with him. He extended to him employment opportunity first then, at that point, outlined him for a situation and offended him. He says that Sameer’s uncertainty on Agastya could be valid.

Agastya could have gone after Shanaya as a piece of his enormous arrangement. Pakhi says that Agastya thinks about Shanaya as his sister, so he can’t hurt her. Ishan asks how Agastya arrived at there when Shanaya was gone after. Pakhi rehashes that Agastya can’t hurt Shanaya. Ishan reminds Pakhi that Agastya went after Sameer and claimed to save him previously. Pakhi reviews that episode and looks confounded.

The morning Pakhi tells Shanaya that specialist said that they can release her. She requests that she grin. All of a sudden Agastya arrivee there with inflatables and gifts to shock Shanaya. The last option expresses gratitude toward Agastya for saving her from the thugs. Pakhi asks Agastya what he was doing approach Shanaya’s school. Agastya says that it was an occurrence. He says that he recollected about gathering a client so he took the short course which is close to Shanaya’s school.

Agastya says that in any event, meeting Pakhi in his young life was an occurrence. He tells about his most memorable gathering with Pakhi in the clinic and she saved him, so Shanaya ought to say thanks to her. Pakhi feels that Agastya can’t carry out any off-base things once more. Agastya and Dadi prepare to leave. Dadi inquires as to whether she’s not showing up with them. Pakhi falters. Agastya shares with Pakhi that she has entire her life to choose and he will be hanging tight for her for his entire life. Pakhi cries. Agastya and dadi leave.

Agastya shares with Dadi that he realizes that she is disturbed that Pakhi didn’t get back. He says that Pakhi can require some investment she needs. He says that he understood that adoration isn’t acquiring. He guarantees Dadi that Pakhi will return.

Agastya telephones the investigator, Anand and inquires as to whether he tracked down the individual answerable for Shanaya’s assault. He says that he is certain that a similar individual is behind him and Pakhi. He says to check the CCTV film as he is certain that he should watch out for them. Anand says that he can’t track down that individual, however he got the recording of hooligans and they can track down them with that.

Specialist tells Pakhi that they got her blood report and she is pregnant. He leaves in the wake of praising Pakhi. The last option gets thrilled. The ward kid brings gifts and says that Agastya sent them for Shanaya. Pakhi requests to keep them in the room. Pakhi laments getting Agastya wrong. She says that Agastya has truly changed. She belives that Agastya will be the best dad on the planet. She thinks of her as pregnancy as God’s sign that she shouldn’t get isolated from Agastya.

Pakhi settles on a video decision to Agastya to give the uplifting news, however Agastya doesn’t allow her to talk and discusses something different. Pakhi gets irritated. Agastya asks when Pakhi will return. Pakhi says that she will return following 9 hours and after that their life will change. Agastya gets cheerful. He says I love you and hangs the call. Pakhi enquires a ward kid about a gift shop close by and leaves. Ishan sees this. He calls somebody and inquires as to whether everything is prepared.

Sameer and Mohit are with Shanaya. Sameer sends Mohit to get some medication. Ishan comes and tells Sameer to accompany him to finish a few customs. Sameer wonders whether or not to let Shanaya be. Ishan says that he will send a medical caretaker. Shanaya shares with Sameer to go. Sameer leaves with Ishan.

Agastya gets eager to meet Pakhi and considers everything that Pakhi needed to say to him. Pakhi appeals to God. She is eager to realize Agastya’s response in the wake of knowing her pregnancy. There Agastya brightens the space to invite back Pakhi. Here Pakhi moves out of euphoria. Pakhi chances upon a man.

There Agastya accepts Anand’s telephone. Pakhi comes to Shanaya and views as her terrified and attempting to get up. Shanaya says that Pakhi just chanced upon the one of the thugs who went after her. He saw her and left. Pakhi looks on stunned.

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