Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th May 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera tenderizing Bulbul before the officials, who were sent by the court for examination. Meera undermines Bulbul to not act brilliant else Agastya should pay for it. Prema gets profound on seeing Bulbul spruced up as Pakhi. One official asks how she got saved. Meera undermines Bulbul by showing the bomb remote. Bulbul reviews Meera’s words.

Bulbul says that she was fortunate to get saved. She says that she was found in the waterway by town individuals, she was in trance state for quite a long time and emerged from the unconsciousness only couple of weeks prior. She was in an awful condition and recalled her location with part of endeavors and reached here. Meera tells Bulbul to serve the tea.

Bulbul pours the hot tea on her hand erroneously and talks like Bulbul. She covers it saying that she learned not many town side words by remaining in the town. The other official inquires as to whether Agastya shot her. Bulbul says that she would rather not discuss it now. She says that she would rather not recollect that episode. The official affirms that she’s Pakhi and says that the following day she needs to sign a few papers before the appointed authority. Prema cries recalling Pakhi. Shanaya consoles her.

Meera joyfully dance. Bulbul comes to Meera and switches off the music. Meera says that she’s content with Bulbul’s exhibition and says that she will give her additional one lakh as tip. Bulbul tosses that cash and insults her. She says that she doesn’t accep free cash from anybody. She says that she took care of her responsibilities and requests to eliminate the bomb from Agastya’s ball and from the entire house. Meera says that Yug will take the bomb from Agastya, however there’s no some other bomb in the house. She chuckles. Bulbul and all come to Agastya on hearing Dadi shouting.

Yug requests that Agastya return the ball, yet the last option denies. Dadi tells Agastya to return the ball, yet agastya is unyielding. Yug enact the bomb erroneously stunning all. Agastya gets energized that the ball is having again the tik tok sound. Meera tells Yug to deactivate it. Yug attempts to do likewise, however the button breaks and it becomes difficult to deactivate it.

Bulbul attempts to persuade Agastya to return the ball. In any case, he declines. Bulbul goes from that point. All relatives attempt to persuade Agastya to return the ball, yet entirely to no end. Yug tells Shanaya to move away as the bomb will detonate. Shanaya yells to avoid her. Yug says that main two minutes left.

Meera tells Yug to how about we leave. Meera leave, however Yug doesn’t move. Bulbul brings Agastya’s number one toy. She requests that Agastya return the ball consequently of his toy. After loads of endeavors Bulbul takes the ball from Agastya and runs from that point taking it. Dadi and Sameer pursue her. There Yug says that main thirty seconds left currently stunning all. Here Bulbul tosses the ball out of the house before it detonates. Dadi inquires as to whether she is fine. Bulbul gestures yes. Dadi embraces Bulbul. Dadi says thanks to Bulbul for saving Agastya.

Meera tells Yug that they ought to get Agastya conceded in the psychological shelter the following day to get freed off him. Dadi gets stunned on hearing this. Meera cautions Bulbul to not stop her this time. Bulbul says that she could do without to meddle in others work. She shares with Meera that she will leave taking her cash subsequent to completing the court work. Bulbul leaves.

Dadi demands Meera to not send Agastya to the psychological haven else she will pass on. Meera says that she will assist her with dieing and says to get out. Dadi leaves. Meera says that the following day Agastya will move to the psychological shelter then Bulbul will get her the properties by acting like Bulbul in the court. She says that she will kill Bulbul after that.

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