Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th May 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with the medical attendant infusing sedatif to Agastya and he is blacking out. Meera and Yug examine about Agastya. They are concerned that Agastya getting back his recollections. Meera chooses to call attorney promptly to prepare the property papers. Pakhi comes to them and tells Meera to go about her responsibilities quick as she lacks opportunity and energy.

Bulbul requests to give her three crores as they’re causing her to do many works which shocks Yug. Meera shares with Bulbul to acknowledge the cash she is giving as she could not have possibly seen such a gigantic sum in her life. Bulbul takes steps to consider police and tell that she requested that she act like Pakhi for the property in the event that she doesn’t consent to her words. She says that she’s from town, yet not fool. She requests that they think and choose soon as she’s an entertainer and doesn’t have a lot of spare energy. She leaves. Yug says that he won’t extra Bulbul.

Sameer shares with Dadi that he got persuaded that Agastya didn’t kill Pakhi, Meera killed her. He is sorry to Dadi for despising Agastya for the wrongdoing he didn’t do. Dadi says that Agastya adored Pakhi without question and he was unable to consider hurting her even in his fantasy. Dadi further says that she was unable to assemble any verification against Meera to get her rebuffed. Meer can get rebuffed provided that Agastya recovers and petitions God for the equivalent.

The legal counselor sees Bulbul. He tells Meera that her face is like Pakhi, yet not her way of behaving. He adds that the court won’t concur in light of the fact that she seems to be Pakhi, they will send somebody to affirm. Meera shares with the legal advisor to record the request that Pakhi is alive. The legal counselor expresses her to reconsider since, supposing that they document the request that day, individuals from the court will come for investigation the following day. He adds that the following trial date is following a half year. Yug says that they have just a single day to make Bulbul as Pakhi and thinks about how they will get it done.

Bulbul asks Meera for what valid reason she didn’t call specialist subsequent to realizing Agastya isn’t well. Bulbul comes to Agastya and checks his temperature and says 102. She says to call the specialist right away and gets water and fabric.

Naveli demands Meera to call the specialist. Meera declines. Agastya needs to play get with Bulbul. The last option expresses him to rest as he isn’t well. Agastya says that he isn’t feeling tired and demands her to play. Bulbul concurs and says that they will play sitting on the bec. Bulbul concurs. They play. Bulbul shares with Meera to call specialist shortly else she will not go about her responsibilities.

Agastya shares with Bulbul that tik tok sound is coming from the ball. Meera says that the ball contains a bomb stunning Bulbul and Dadi. Dadi shares with Meera that she realizes that Agastya is terrified of fire and demands her to save Agastya. Naveli demands Bulbul to go about Meera’s responsibilities and don’t let Agastya rebuffed for their concern.

Meera takes steps to hurt Agastya and shares with Dadi to advise Bulbul to turn out to be totally Pakhi relatively soon and go about her responsibilities. Agastya says that the sound isn’t coming. Bulbul feels significantly better. Meera shares with Bulbul that nothing can change even Bulbul tosses the ball as she fixed a lot more bombs around him. She expresses her to become Pakhi and shows her acting abilities. She leaves. Dadi demands Bulbul to do what Meera needs as she would rather not lose Agastya. Naveli additionally demands Bulbul.

Meera is giving preparation to Bulbul to adjust Pakhi’s look and conduct. Meera says that look is fine and shares with Bulbul to talk like Pakhi. Bulbul attempts, however falls flat. Meera says that she wants to do more practice. Shanaya and Naveli examine about Bulbul getting preparing to become Pakhi. They believe that Bulbul can’t behave like Pakhi. Naveli leaves as Mona calls her. Yug comes to Shanaya and talks pleasantly with her. He says that he’s not a miscreant and feels awful to see her state.

Shanaya says that Yug doesn’t have his own character and he is getting utilized by Meera. She says that her life is superior to him and leaves. Bulbul becomes weary of training and says that she can’t do any longer. Yug thows the controller of bomb and firework and compromises Bulbul. The last option feels that Meera will hurt Agastya assuming she commits any error and petitions God to assist her with breezing through the assessment.

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