Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mannat’s mehndi service starts. Jeeto says that she would rather not make a difference Mehndi. Kulwant praises Mannat. Nirvair and his dad comes there. Nirvair’s dad apologizes to Kulwant for not going to the commitment. Kulwant lets him know that now she feels that nothing awful will occur. Mehndi woman tells Mannat she completed the plan. Mannat gets stunned seeing Z letter in her mehndi plan. She asks her that for what reason the last option composed Z. Mehndi woman tells her that she composed N and shows it.

Then again, Scarlet’s mehndi function occurs. Cart sees that Zorawar appears to be vexed. She goes to him and lets him know that he can’t ease off at this point. Nirvair father inquires as to whether all is well on the grounds that Mannat doesn’t look cheerful. She lets him know that Mannat going to take off from her home that is the reason she is this way. She goes to Mannat and tells her that the last’s trouble can destroy everything. She requests that she grin and save her regard. She takes her to the dance floor. Mannat moves and runs from that point.

In the interim, Zorawar moves and runs from that point. Mannat gets soaked in the downpour and moves. Zorawar additionally gets doused in the downpour and moves. They sees one another and they embraces one another. They begins moving and it ends up being their creative mind. Kiara brings an umbrella for Zorawar. Bittu sees that Mannat’s leg draining and stops her and educates her concerning her dying. He adds that she should be in torment. She lets him know that she is in torment yet not due to injury.

Kulwant discovers that Mannat applied the mehndi which came from Zorawar’s home. She tosses the mehndi bowl and washes Mannat’s hand. Nirvair’s dad inquires as to whether all is great. Kulwant apologizes to him and misleads him Mannat is sensitive to mehndi and she has no clue about it. Karan requests that everybody have food. Kulwant hauls Mannat to a room. Mannat asks Kulwant that what the last option doing. Kulwant tells her that the last option applied Zorawar’s name mehndi.

Following day, Zorawar converses with her mom’s photograph. He tells her that he can’t let Dolly know that he cherishes Mannat and need to wed her. He says that he believes a single opportunity should come clean to Dolly. He adds that he can’t wed Scarlet when he cherishes Mannat. He requests that she stop this marriage. He calls Mannat and asks her that won’t she ask that for what valid reason he called her. She asks him that for what good reason he called her.

He wants to enjoy all that life has to offer to her for her new excursion. She inquires as to whether this is what he needed to say. He is sorry to her for the aggravation he gave her. She lets him know that she will petition God for his satisfaction. She tells him that he should be seeming to be sovereign at this point. He tells her that he realizes that she is the most lovely lady of the hour in this world. He gets some information about the response of the question. She requests that he think from heart to track down the right response.

Precap – Mannat lets Bittu know that she cherishes Zorawar. She argues him to stop this marriage.

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