Choti Sardarni 8th June 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kulwant lets Ranna know that she don’t trust Dolly by any stretch of the imagination so she needs the tight security. Ranna gets some information about anything. Zorawar slip into Kulwant’s home. Bittu is going to get him yet Karan takes Bittu from that point. Mannat hauls Zorawar to the side. They shares an eye lock. He gives a rose to her. They hears Kulwant’s voice and comes to detect.

Mannat asks Zorawar that what is he doing there and furthermore about his leg injury. He tells her that he came to answer her conundrum and offers wrong response. She requests that he leave from that point. He drops his tissue while leaving from that point. Kulwant lets Mannat know that they will book a major inn of Amritsar and Nirvair coming as well. She requests that she prepare. Zorawar tracks down Mannat’s wristband and wears it. Mannat keeps Zorawar’s cloth with her.

Afterward, Kulwant’s family and Dolly’s family arrives at a similar lodging. Kulwant and Dolly meets the Manager. They battles to book the entire lodging. Cart lets Kulwant know that not all things will go as indicated by the last option. Chief lets them know that the inn is so huge and the two capacities can occur. Cart and Kulwant tells their assumptions to Manager.

Cart lets Kulwant know that the last option can flaunt the amount she needs yet the last option’s genuine face will be out soon. Kulwant says that she will likewise see that how Zorawar’s commitment occurs in this inn. That’s what mannat sees and runs from that point and cries reviewing the minutes she imparted to Zorawar in the woods. Zorawar follows her and thinks that she is crying. They gazes one another.

Following day, Mannat prepares. Jeeto brings Mannat ground floor. Then again, Dolly praises Zorawar. Kulwant praises Mannat. She requests that she grin and wipes her tears. She tells her that today the last’s commitment going to occur. Mannat tells her that she can’t wed. She is going to leave from that point however Kulwant stops her. Kulwant tells her that their family regard matters for herself and she realizes that common decency for the last option. Bittu reviews that how Kulwant acted like this during Meher’s marriage. Kulwant says that her kids matters for her the most and for themselves and she can kick the bucket and furthermore can kill as well. She tells Mannat that Nirvair is the best person for her.

She adds that Mannat will wed Nirvair for her family and for Harnoor. She says that Harnoor would have believed Mannat should turn into a piece of this family. Also, she accepts that Mannat will satisfy her obligation by wedding Nirvair. She tells her that she found a best partnership for herself and she is certain that Harnoor should be content with this union.

She says that she satisfied her obligation as grandmother and presently it’s Mannat’s chance to satisfy her obligation. She requests that others get ready everything for commitment. Karan attempts to converse with Mannat. However, she prevents him from conversing with Mannat. Everybody leaves from that point with the exception of Mannat. Mannat believes that seems like her destiny won’t change. She requests that God keep Zorawar cheerful.

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