Choti Sardarni 24th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 24th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Zorawar feels that he satisfied his mom’s fantasy at long last. Red brings champagne. He opens it and everybody applauds. Kulwant comes there riding a pony. Cart requests her that what kind from section is this. Kulwant tells her that Zorawar neglected to welcome her when he opened new production line in her town that is the reason she came to say that who is she. She asks Zorawar that for what good reason he believes those women should work in his industrial facility. She adds that she heard that he even purchased Baweja’s office to inconvenience them and Mannat. He tells her that he did everything as a finance manager as it were.

He requests that she not in the middle of among his and Mannat’s matter. She lets him know that it’s those women matter and he is driving them to work utilizing machines. Cart tells her that Zorawar did nothing out of sorts and Mannat generally makes issues in Zorawar’s business. She adds that first Mannat didn’t allow Zorawar to assemble a hotel in Dalhousie and presently doing this. She says that this plant is Zorawar’s fantasy and he isn’t grabbing a single thing from anybody rather giving a task to those women. Kulwant tells her that Zorawar grabbing those women opportunity and requests that she not safeguard Zorawar. She says that she is Sarpanch of the town. Cart says that Kulwant is ex Sarpanch of the town.

Zorawar says that he will not meddle in Kulwant’s issues and she shouldn’t meddle in his business. She lets him know that she would rather not converse with him and Dolly. She requests that he bring his dad. He tells her that he regards her since she is Dolly’s relative yet that is not imply that she can do anything she desires to do. He adds that he is simply taking care of his business and he won’t stop at any expense. He argues her to leave from that point. Cart says that Kulwant is excluded visitor and derides her. Zorawar leaves from that point irately. Cart lets Kulwant know that the last option destroyed Zorawar’s unique day and follows Zorawar. Mannat sees everything. She says that she won’t leave Zorawar for offending Kulwant.

She goes to Kiara and gets some information about Zorawar. Kiara enlightens her that the last option realize nothing regarding Zorawar. She adds that Zorawar never got father’s adoration and he recollects their dad’s scorn as it were. She requests that she not judge Zorawar without knowing anything. She says that this plant is their mom’s fantasy and leaves from that point. Mannat imagines that Zorawar didn’t converse with his dad due to inner self. Cart requests that Zorawar not let his outrage become his shortcoming.

Mannat is going to fall as a result of dangerous floor yet Bittu holds her and admonishes Jeeto. Mannat says that she didn’t see the floor so it’s her misstep. Jeeto pushes Mannat and discusses her demise. Kulwant holds Mannat. Bittu slaps Jeeto. She says that he slapped her for Mannat. He says that he won’t remain quiet assuming Jeeto expressed anything to Mannat. He adds that he was unable to turn out to be great spouse and great child however he need to become great dad for Gullu and Mannat. Jeeto curses Mannat. Kulwant takes Mannat inside. Mannat cries saying that everything happening due to her. She says that she shouldn’t have involved Kulwant in Zorawar matter.

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