Choti Sardarni 23rd May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 23rd May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Seher and Rajveer gets astonished seeing Prince playing ‘dhol’ in conventional outfit. He sings a tune yet fails to remember the verses. He flags at Mannat for the verses. She goes along with him and sings a tune. Then, at that point, everybody moves. Karan requests that Jeeto go along with them however she declines. Bittu and Mannat moves putting a glass on their head. That’s what jeeto sees. Kulwant goes to Seher and embraces her. Everybody embraces Seher and Rajveer. Mannat plants a kiss on Prince’s cheek. Seher requests that they call and offers bye to everybody. She reviews that how she went into the house. Rajveer reviews the minutes he imparted to them in that house. They goes out.

Afterward, Bittu reviews that the thing Seher said about Mannat. He goes to Mannat’s room and thinks that she is dozing. He reviews the minutes he imparted to her. He sees Mannat and Harnoor’s image and cries seeing Mannat. He is sorry to her for not grasping that what he ought to do. He attempts to contact her cheek however stops himself. That’s what he says on the off chance that Harnoor was alive, he would have apologized to her.

He adds that he regarded Harnoor so much and he never needed to foul up with her however got frightened in that. He lets Mannat know that he isn’t understanding that how to give her freedoms and how to persuade Jeeto to acknowledge her as little girl and how to not hurt Gullu in this. He change off the light and leaves from that point. Mannat wakes up and grins. She says that Bittu came to her to communicate his sentiments and that is enough for her.

Following day, Kulwant says that she is missing Seher as of now. Ginni tells her that she conversed with Seher. Mannat comes there and wishes great morning to Kulwant. She says that the women completed their work and just conveyance is forthcoming. Ranna and Karan acclaims Mannat. Bittu and Mannat eats the same way. That’s what everybody sees. Bittu leaves from that point. Kulwant requests that Mannat not leave Zorawar. Mannat tells her that she will show a thing or two to him.

Then again, Dolly gets close to home seeing Zorawar mother’s picture. Zorawar says that he will keep this representation in the processing plant. Cart requests that house keeper bring sweet dish. Zorawar requests that she bring the halwa which he ate last time. Kiara mumbles to Dolly that Mannat made that halwa. Zorawar gets all the best card and rose bouquet from Inderpal. He consumes them.

Mannat lets the women know that Baweja will like the phulkari duppatas without a doubt. Baweja calls one of the woman and drops the request. Mannat goes to Baweja’s office and discovers that Zorawar purchased that office. She taunts him for purchasing the workplace. He tells her that main business matters for himself and he couldn’t care less that her opinion on him. Afterward, Zorawar opens the manufacturing plant.

Mannat tells everything to Kulwant. Women lets Mannat know that they chose to join Zorawar’s processing plant. Mannat neglects to stop them. She lets Kulwant know that she could do nothing for the women. Kulwant tells her that she won’t allow her to lose.

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