Choti Sardarni 20th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 20th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bittu prepares to rest outside. He conceals the pad seeing Seher. However, Seher sees the pad and lets him know that she realizes that he is upset and he has not eat anything. She takes the cushion from him and feeds him. She lets him know that she can comprehend that nothing is simple for him except for Mannat did nothing out of sorts as well. She says that Mannat’s need is this family so they ought to give love to Mannat. Kulwant concurs with Seher. She says that she committed tremendous error by requesting that Harnoor leave from their life. She asks Bittu that when he will amend his mix-up. She advises him to give Mannat’s freedoms to her.

She adds that Mannat needs Bittu the most now since he is her dad. Seher lets Bittu know that even this dish made by Mannat. What’s more, Mannat is a sweet young lady. He reviews the minutes he imparted to Mannat. He lets Seher know that she is correct. She returns the pad to him. She lets him know that now Jeeto resents him and she wants his help. He goes to his room. Seher lets Kulwant know that all will be great soon. Kulwant tells her that tomorrow they need to visit sanctuary.

Following day, Kulwant, Seher and Mannat visits sanctuary. Seher says that Mannat have accomplished such a great deal for them so she need to give her something today. She gives Meher’s chunni and ‘kada’ to her. Mannat gets profound seeing them. She lets Kulwant know that she lamented that she was unable to meet Meher however presently she feels like she met Meher. She expresses gratitude toward Seher saying that it’s her life best gift. Mannat wears Meher’s ‘kada’.

Seher tells her that the last option needs to turn into a safeguard and save her family from issues. She adds that Mannat needs to battle like a genuine Sarrdaarni and win generally. She requests that she not feel alone on the grounds that she has her family support. She tells her that the last option will become ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ after her marriage. And afterward Mannat needs to deal with two family. In the mean time, Zorawar and Kiara enters the sanctuary.

Seher says that she realizes that Mannat can deal with the two families. Mannat embraces her. They heads inside and helps in cooking. Zorawar and Kiara additionally helps in cooking. Mannat sees that one senior man is battling to serve so she goes to serve. After some time, everybody goes to ask. Mannat requests that God give her a fortitude to satisfy every last bit of her obligations. Zorawar requests that God favor him so he can satisfy his mom’s fantasy by opening the new industrial facility. Kulwant lets Seher know that they are getting late and they leaves from that point.

Seher gives gift to everybody. Rajveer requests that they not fail to remember him. Ruler gives gift to Gullu and embraces him. Everybody gets profound. Then, at that point, they sees that Prince is absent. Ranna requests that Seher drop the arrangement on the grounds that seems like Prince altered his perspective. Sovereign comes there playing ‘dhol’. Everybody gets amazed seeing that.

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