Choti Sardarni 19th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 19th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jeeto says that she don’t believe ill-conceived kid Mannat should remain in the house. Zorawar flies off the handle and breaks the table and leaves from that point. His family follows him. Mannat gathers the wrecked bits of glass. Jeeto requests that she stop the acting. Karan asks Jeeto that for what good reason she is continue to insult Mannat with her personality. She advises him that she is his auntie. He requests that she act reasonable.

He adds that everybody disapprove of her way of behaving. He says that nothing can change the past and why Jeeto isn’t grasping this straightforward thing. She brings Kulwant and Gullu’s theme. He shares with her that she was likewise answerable for Gullu’s condition. Bittu slaps Karan for his way of behaving towards Jeeto. Jeeto says that everything happening as a result of Mannat and heads inside.

Karan says that he won’t remain in this house. Ranna requests that he not say like that. Karan says that he can’t endure Jeeto acting like this with Mannat and leaves from that point. Kulwant’s is going to swoon. Seher goes to bring Kulwant’s medication. Mannat lets Kulwant know that she will bring Karan. Then again, Kiara inquires as to whether he is fine. Cart inquires as to whether he got helped to remember his life as a youngster perceiving how Jeeto treated Mannat. Red asks that for what good reason Mannat will influence Zorawar.

Mannat stops Karan. He tells her that he isn’t leaving on the grounds that Bittu slapped him however he can’t endure Jeeto’s way of behaving. He adds that Bittu is quiet as well. She lets him know that Bittu has not acknowledged reality yet so they can’t anticipate that he should uphold her. She says that Jeeto acting like this since she can’t endure that Bittu undermined her. She adds that her aggravation isn’t anything before Jeeto’s torment. She says that for this reason she didn’t had any desire to uncover reality. He tells what is happening reminds him about his past.

She lets him know that everybody acknowledged him since he had Meher and Sarab yet she has nobody to help her. He tells her that he can’t remain. She inquires as to whether he will abandon her in her tough spot when she wants him the most. She says that she generally needed to live in a cheerful family and wish to have a companion with whom she can share everything. She argues him to not take off from the house for the good of she.

Seher requests that Kulwant not stress and says that she will converse with Karan. Karan consents to remain and embraces Mannat. She takes him inside the house. Karan goes to Jeeto and apologizes to her. She excuses him. Bittu apologizes to Karan. Karan lets him know that the last option need not to apologize. Bittu says that he shouldn’t have slapped Karan.

Seher tells Rajveer that Mannat’s need is this family’s happiness.She requests that Jeeto acknowledge Mannat as her little girl. Jeeto rejects and heads inside. Mannat cries embracing Seher. Seher says that she is glad for Mannat and she realizes that Mannat can prevail upon everybody. She adds that this house needs a girl and Mannat will be that girl from here onward.

Precap – Seher gives Meher’s chunni to Mannat.

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