Choti Sardarni 18th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 18th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with spouses lets Zorawar know that they won’t allow their wives to complete the work. He reviews that how Scarlet accused Mannat and furthermore the way in which Mannat scrutinized his childhood. He tells spouses to not upset their wives work and leaves from that point. Cart calls Zorawar and illuminates him that Seher and Rajveer intending to get comfortable US so she need to carry them to Gill house. He tells her that he will go along with them for supper.

After some time, Zorawar’s family goes to Kulwant’s home. Cart requests that Seher stay in Gill chateau. Seher tells her that they need to move to US for the wellbeing of Prince. Kiara welcomes Seher and Zorawar welcomes Rajveer. Kulwant and Mannat discusses Zorawar. Kulwant is going to converse with Zorawar however Mannat stops her truism that she would rather not ruin the air.

Cart glares Mannat and chooses to show a thing or two to her for making issues in Zorawar’s business. Yet, Zorawar stops him and takes Kulwant’s gifts. Cart and Kulwant battles with one another in a roundabout way. Kiara gets blissful seeing Mannat. Rajveer inquires as to whether she knows Mannat. Kiara uncovers that how Mannat saved her and gestures of recognition her. Jeeto drops lassi glasses purposely and goes inside subsequent to glaring Mannat. Bittu is going to step on the stick. That’s what mannat sees and prevents him and controls herself from calling him as father. He is going to favor her however Dolly calls him.

In the kitchen, Scarlet lets Jeeto know that she can grasp that why the last option can’t stand Mannat. She adds that Mannat is truly manipulative and Mannat made inconveniences in Zorawar’s business as well.

Kiara and Kulwant requests that Mannat join for the supper. Mannat says that she will serve. Jeeto asks her that how the last option doing visitors. She advises her to go to house keeper’s room. Kulwant tells her that the last option crossing the cutoff points. Jeeto tells her that the last option crossed the cutoff points by shooting Gullu. Seher requests that she not say like that. Jeeto requests that she not meddle. Mannat heads inside. Cart tells Kulwant that Jeeto will not acknowledge Mannat regardless of anything else. Kulwant tells her that Mannat can prevail upon anybody. She won’t eat.

Mannat lets Harnoor’s image know that she will not become frail and wipes her tears. Zorawar comes there and insults her for not battling for herself. She lets him know that she can’t battle against her loved ones. She asks him that for what valid reason he is feeling awful for her. He moves towards the entryway. She tosses teady bear at him. He tells her that he will demolish the teady bear. She attempts to get the teady bear from him. They shares an eye lock. They comes to reality hearing Prince’s shout. Mannat grievances about Zorawar to Prince. Ruler gets the teady bear from Zorawar.

Afterward, Gullu’s head is going to hit on the table. Yet, Mannat saves him and harms her hand in that interaction. Jeeto admonishes Mannat for emerging from her room. She says that she realizes that the last option doing this for compassion. She adds that Mannat reminds her about Bittu’s disloyalty and she don’t believe the ill-conceived kid should remain in this house.

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