Choti Sardarni 17th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 17th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Seher asks Prince that for what good reason he is playing alone. Ruler embraces her. She asks him that where he need to go. He tells her that he misses US house and his companions. He adds that he need to take her there. She and Rajveer gets profound hearing him. After a few time, Seher and Rajveer goes to a room and finds Prince dozing. She ponders that why PC is opened.

They watches the video where Prince tells his teadybear that to what lengths he misses US and will go for go there with his folks. In any case, he can’t cause his folks to feel awful appearance his pity. He adds that they are miserable due to Gullu so he can’t make them more miserable. He composes his desire in the letter.

Seher informs Rajveer that Prince thinks concerning them to such an extent. He tells her that they need to work on something for Prince. He helps her about Prince’s painting to remember US house. He says that Prince satisfaction is in US. He ponders that what could they at any point do now. She lets him know that they need to settle down in US for the wellbeing of Prince. He tells her that he can remain anyplace for herself as well as Prince’s purpose. He inquires as to whether she can avoid her loved ones. Sovereign mumbles in his rest about US.

Following day, Seher assembles everybody in the lobby. She lets them know that Prince misses US to such an extent she and Rajveer chose to move US for Prince’s satisfaction. Kulwant tells her that they won’t allow Prince to miss US. Seher educates her that they need to think regarding Prince’s future as well. She says that Prince has not uttered a word straightforwardly yet she knows that the amount Prince misses US.

Rajveer lets Kulwant know that this is difficult for them as well however they took this choice in the wake of reasoning a ton. Seher expresses that for Prince’s satisfaction they need to do this. Karan tells her that he will be distant from everyone else assuming she leaves too like Param. Bittu lets Seher and Rajveer know that they can’t leave like this. Seher lets them know that they will return. Mannat requests that she stay for not many more days. Seher requests that she support them.

Gullu comes there and embraces Rajveer. Kulwant calls him. He reviews the battle and gets terrified seeing her. He requests that she not kill him and rushes to Jeeto and embraces her. Jeeto takes him inside. Bittu follows them. Kulwant gets broken. Others reassures her.

Afterward, Jeeto lets Ranna know that she needs to visit the emergency clinic to gather Gullu’s report. He requests that he deal with Gullu until she returns and goes out. Ranna goes to bring milk for Gullu. Mannat and Karan attempts to send Gullu to Kulwant. However, Gullu denies saying that he is frightened of Kulwant. Mannat causes Gullu to understand that Kulwant didn’t hurt him purposely. Kulwant goes to Gullu yet he takes cover behind Mannat. She is sorry to him and requests that he take the laddus which she made for him. He takes a laddu and eats it. Everybody grins seeing that. Seher tells Rajveer that Mannat will deal with the family.

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