Choti Sardarni 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Harleen says an impact could occur. For what reason did you carry this child to the kitchen? Does your nose not work either? The children says uncle requested that I leave. Yet, I remained there. Kulwant says see he requested that the child leave. Harleen says would he say he is imbecile? Mrs Balla says he could think carefully.

Harleen says assuming he could see such a major issue will not have occurred. Robbie says he is a risk. Mrs. Balla says this man is a blemish on Gill familys notoriety. Who might wed Param and Karan? Seher says no other person smelled gas other than Rajveer? Who cautioned everybody and saved their life? Raj did. Assuming God takes one sense, he works on different faculties. He saved everybody. Kulwant says precisely.

The cook says Rajveer alarmed her. We didn’t have any idea. He saved everybody. Rajveer feels the injury on Seher’s hand. Seher says I am fine. Kulwant says disgrace on you for saying it. Bitu and Rana say all around good done Raj. Everybody applauds him. Seher says Rajveer can deal with this house and he demonstrated it. We should proceed with the occasion.

Rajveer says to Seher your garments are prepared. She says let me prepare. Seher prepares and comes ground floor. Rajveer holds her hand. He hits the dance floor with Seher. Seher expresses what are you thinking? We should go? Amreen says a ton of young ladies like you yet you are now hitched. Seher says don’t you try to play with anybody.

Amreen takes their stink eye off. Her father says come to our shop assuming you want anything. A young lady gives him bloom. A prick nibs his finger. Seher says on the off chance that you take bloom from anybody it will prick you. A man says you woke up and saved we all. A young lady says you prevailed upon us. We would have kicked the bucket. Rajveer says this is our parent’s favoring.

Karan says to Seher where could you have been? We were hanging tight for you. He says Rajveer presented us. Seher says all around good done. Param says where could you have been? Rajveer says she went to the sanctuary to appeal to God for you both. Param and Karan say we are fortunate to have a sister like you. Seher embraces them. She says how about we go.

Seher says time for round number 2. You can all question Param and Karan any inquiries. Rajveer says nobody will ask will you get stars for us? Cause young ladies can get them themselves. Seher says third round would be errands round. Charge rings. Lights go off. Two men come in moving. They say a roual family is coming. Mrs. Balla says this is my astonishment. I called an illustrious family for Param. The young lady and her folks come in.

Seher and Rajveer are befuddled. The man says take these marigold from here. Our girl is oversensitive to it. Mrs. Balla acquaints them with the family and Param and Karan. Mrs. Balla says Devika Singh Rathore. She concentrated abroad. You will now the rest. Mrs. Rathore says to Seher your father was all around regarded in our family. We were unable to come to his memorial service. Our little girl is our pride. She is exceptionally fragile. I’m certain Param has his father’s habits. Blood will be blood all things considered. Seher takes a gander at Karan.

Seher says I am sorry uncle however I disagree with you. My folks generally said relations are produced using the heart not blood. He says you are correct. amreen says we as a whole came toward the beginning of the day and they came now. They’re late. We can’t allow them to enter. Harleen says they are regal family. Amreen says why did you call us?

We will all go. Every one of the young ladies say OK we won’t give them access. Kulwant says Amreen is correct. We can’t affront the others young ladies. Mrs. Rathore adequately says. we are going. Devika says mother quiet down. She asys I am upset for being late.

However, let me let you know the explanation. We really do support in a shelter. Today was it’s last day. How is it that we could leave it. In the event that you actually have an issue we can leave. We should go. Seher says my mother used to not say anything is more prominent than administration. Devika was serving needy individuals. Would we be able to allow her an opportunity?

Rajveer says all of you came here. That is aware for us. In any case, we won’t relinquish your regard all things considered. Amreen says we’ve chosen. Devika will partake in this occasion. Seher says to Rajveer I love you. Seher petitions God for him.

Master ji tells Jasmit something. He says how can it be? He says will you question me now?
Precap :Seher says question reply round. A man questions Karan and says how might you guarantee our girls are going in a cheerful joined family?

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