Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 9th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 9th March 2022 Written Update:

The episode begins with Mini let her companion know that she will make Chikoo’s party as a misfortune. Nirvana gives the cash he took from his companions to his men and requests that he twofold the cash. Dhanush sees Chikoo banners in the container and hears everybody is talking that Chikoo saved their school notoriety. Smaller than expected tells Dhanush that Chikoo took all the spotlight and she behaves like a guiltless to acquire consideration. Dhanush says he can’t really accept that Chikoo got it done. Small scale says Chikoo behaves like blameless however she isn’t. Chikoo comes there and Students encompass her. Chikoo cheerfully responds to them. Small scale says it’s a pr trick of her as she needs to be more famous than you. Chikoo looks for Dhanush. Dhanush comes to her and leaves telling her he doesn’t realize she is a miscreant. Dimple gets stunned seeing banners.

Chikoo follows Dhanush and asks him what occurred. Dhanush says it’s off-base from my side to tryst you, you took all spotlight like a miscreant. Dimple attempts to let him know that it’s a misconception. Chikoo stops her idiom let him talk. Dhanush says I will end up being a victor and you will be a washout. He leaves. Aarav request that Chikoo see banners on the flask dividers. Chikoo sees them. Her companions says somebody did it and Dhanush misreads you. Chikoo says he has zero faith in her like them so no compelling reason to disclose to him.

Nivaan becomes more acquainted with that his men lost all the cash in betting. Aarav inquires as to whether he has any issue. Nivaan leaves letting him know he can’t tackle it. Dhanush and Chikoo review their minutes with one another seeing the sky. Dhanush messages to Ishq and becomes acquainted with she is miserable as well. Chikoo acts in live and Sameer stops the live when her face is going to uncover. Dhanush contemplates why live is halted.

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Sameer asks what befallen her. Chikoo says she lost her bliss alongside her Mom and asks him who killed her Mom. He attempts to comfort her however she requests that he let her be for quite a while. Pushpa asks Sameer for what good reason he is crying. Sameer tells her he can’t see Chikoo in trouble and tells her that he chose to track down who’s liable for Nupur’s homicide. Pushpa inquires as to whether Chikoo passes on to her loved ones. Sameer says he will do anything for his girl’s bliss and next is her choice where she needs to remain.

The chief commendations Chikoo and Dhanush group and lets them know that the last round will be a dance challenge among them and that will choose the champ of the grant. Dhanush consents to the opposition. Chikoo lets Principal know that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to move. The chief says grant will be given to all rounder and in the event that you would then we be able to will report Dhanush as the victor.

Chikoo figures everybody might ridicule her. Her companions attempt to tell her that she can do yet she denies and leaves. Dimple says they need to look for a become Chikoo’s individual good example. Sameer observes watch strip and he takes note of the number in it and observes that it’s watch of evergreen then he lets his Mom know that he will contact with Dealer to know the data of the individual. Failures group plays recordings of Chikoo in the projector. Chikoo lets them know she can give a clarification.

Precap – Chikoo lets his Dad know that she chose to move in the opposition shoeing her face. Understudies make fun seeing her arrangement.

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