Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 8th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 8th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Chikoo and Dhanush stowing away from the opponent groups. Dhanush acknowledges they are holding their hands. Chikoo asks who are these individuals. Dhanush says the adversary group individuals came to get back at us as they can’t process their loss and he requests that she trust him. Chikoo concurs. Smaller than usual inquires as to whether she can work with her as she coordinated the Cm meeting. Alka says it’s anything but something major and she requests that she join as her third colleague and she requests that she finish her own tasks and leaves. Scaled down sees Dhanush’s photograph and advises him to trust you’re missing me Dhanush as I’m doing it for you.

Dhanush inquires as to whether she is fine. Chikoo lets him know she is fine and they leave the vehicle to get away however Rival colleagues get them. Vivaan requests that her companion go along with them for wagering. They deny. Param and Aarav come there and let them know that Dhanush and Chikoo will get assaulted. Vivaan calls the camp individuals and cautions them. Adversary colleagues are going to get assault them yet the coordinator group turns on the light and questions assuming that they are battling. Dhanush denies. The coordinator gives them a last admonition. Vivaan tells his companions they are fine. His companions consents to bet.

Chikoo and Dhanush see stars and converse with their Mom and Dad. Chikoo sees her wristband gifted by her Dad is absent. They search on the vehicle. Dhanush tracks down it and gives it to her. Chikoo is going to embrace him yet stops in the center. Dhanush inquires as to why she can’t and represent herself when she is solid from inside. Chikoo inquires as to why he picks the incorrect ways even he can win. Dhanush says he needs to win everything and you don’t have the foggiest idea how much strain I have and I lack the capacity to deal with festivity. Chikoo says I’m worn out on ordinary harassing and when these individuals comprehend that live in let live. Dhanush looks on.

The following day Mini and Vivaan sees Dhanush and Chikoo are resting under tree. Smaller than expected asks what the heck. Sameer waves a hand at her. Chikoo lets Mini know how they nod off. Scaled down says I asked nothing as I have trust on Dhanush and you’re not his sort. Dhanush requests that she not chat on like that. Small scale says you’re my sweetheart and she takes him with her telling she need to meet his Mom with espresso. Chikoo meets her Dad and lets him know that Dhanush is great afor nd he assisted me with looking through my wristband.

Sameer requests that she generally doubt Dhanush similar to his rival in grant and he will hurt you whenever he gets an opportunity by showing his genuine face. Sameer requests that she sit in the vehicle. Chikoo grins reviewing Dhanush’s consideration for her. Sameer sees it. Dhanush grins and offers with Keshav that Chikoo is great and needs to do companions with her. Chikoo tells her washout posse that Dhanush is great and lets them know that she needs him as her companion. Chikoo messages him to meet her at the flask to commend their triumph. Keshav prods about their association. Little hears it.

Episode closes.

Precap – Dhanush becomes irate at Chikoo for taking all the spotlight.

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