Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 7th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 7th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Chikoo is requesting that Dhanush drop her letting him know she can’t hear the taunting of individuals. Dhanush requests that she inspire herself. Chikoo asks how might she make it happen. Dhanush falls and harms his feet while conveying her. Chikoo causes him to concur and she conveys Dhanush for the opposition and they dominate the race. The chief feels blissful and she causes them to have awards and lets them know that the entire school is pleased with them as they accomplished this is a result of their solidarity. Coordinator lets them know winning 3 jodis need to remain in the camp. Chikoo says how might they stay in camp together.

Smaller than usual praise Chikoo and Dhanush. Sameer and Alka come there. Sameer compliments them. Alka sees Mini hand on her child. Smaller than usual eliminates it. Alka lets Chikoo know that she is glad to see her battling soul and taunts Mini. Alka and Sameer take their children to give them their packs. Sameer requests that Chikoo not draw nearer to Dhanush. Dhanush gazes at Chikoo. Alka requests that he not include in Chikoo matters and requests that he center around his point. Sameer requests that Chikoo battle for her and have zero faith in Dhanush.

Dhanush and Chikoo enter the camp with their sacks. Other understudies mock Chikoo. Chikoo fantasies about showing them something new yet they leave. Dhanush lets different understudies know that young ladies can do anything and remember that Chikoo causes you to lose you. Different understudies choose to instruct illustration to them in night. Dhanush sees the first guide pack in quite a while room and believes it’s Chikoo’s work. Chikoo grins from far.

Little ponders how to reach to Cm. Kamini carries inside originators to the Mini room and lets them know it’s the room they will revamp. They leave seeing the room. Kamini tells her she will grab everything from her individually. She leaves going to Ritu’s call. Small calls the Cm office like Ritu and requests that they organize a gathering of Cm with Alka. They concur.

Other school competitor takes Dhanush food. Chikoo gathers her food and offers it with Dhanush. Dhanush leaves in the wake of expressing gratitude toward her. Other school Couple talks about carrying out their arrangement in the evening. Dhanush messages to Yeh Ishq Nachaye and they examine music can end their concerns. They visit with one another. Param tells tattle to his companions that victors will be assaulted in the camp. Aarav didn’t uncover it to Sameer and they feel stressed for Chikoo. In the night Chikoo moves cheerfully. Dhanush sits close to the huge fire. The power goes off. Dhanush carries Chikoo with him and they stow away seeing how the other 2 couples are looking for them to get payback.

Episode closes.

Precap – Chikoo, and Dhanush gets encircled by other couple.

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