Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 5th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 5th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Dhanush and Chikoo drinking espresso at the slow down. Dhanush lets Chikoo know that grant is significant for her. Chikoo says it’s significant for me as well however we can’t frame a group. Dhanush goes aside and messages to Yeh Ishq Nachaye. Chikoo additionally joyfully messages him. Chikoo gets injured. Dhanush strokes s her hand then he tells her they need to collaborate to win the opposition. Chikoo says they can’t become companions. Dhanush tells they can be reticent adversaries. Chikoo concurs.

Chikoo illuminates to Sameer about pseudo-nemeses. He requests what’s the need from it when we realize that he harms you so no compelling reason to go to their place and he doesn’t have to come here. Chikoo inquires as to whether he conversed with Dhanush’s Mom. Sameer says no however what’s the need of meeting them. Chikoo lets him know she is doing it for a grant and requests that he not stop her. Sameer concurs and tells her he will stop assuming he thinks something wrong is going on with her. Chikoo concurs.

Small gives a suggestion letter to Alka and tells her she needs to become like her. Alka says you can’t and you get this proposal effectively as you’re Joshi. Little tells nothing is not difficult to me and I accomplished such a great deal difficult work to accomplish my sims. Alka requests that she make her meet the Chief priest. Small looks on.

Dhanush goes to Chikoo place. Sameer invite him. Dhanush sees the Loser group and asks what’s happening with they. Dimple requests that he center around their review. Chikoo and Dhanush rehearses for contest. He gazes at her during the training. Dhanush asks where is washroom. Chikoo lets him know a way. Dhanush is going to see the room of Chikoo however Sameer stops him and lets him know the way to the washroom. Dhanush says thanks to Sameer for his help to him during the opposition.

Hooligan beats Vivaan and he allowed him multi week time to pay his 10 lakhs. Vivaan sees his eye region is harmed. The following day he comes to the opposition region wearing goggles. Smaller than normal calls her companions and inquires as to whether they have any association at the central clergyman’s office. The ref tells one of the individuals from group need to convey the one in their back to dominate the race and they can’t drop them in the center in any case they need to restart. Dhanush consents to convey Chikoo.

Dhanush’s companions mock Chikoo’s weight. Smaller than expected got no association. Dhanush requests that Chikoo not leave him. Chikoo feels dismal hearing the taunting. Dhanush requests that she center around end goal and equilibrium overlooking the negative remarks. Chikoo says thanks to him. They tumbles down due to water. They start it once more. Chikoo cleans his face. Dhanush’s knee gets injured while going up.
Episode closes.

Precap – Chikoo conveys Dhanush to dominate the race.

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