Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Dhanush let Alka know that she neglected to turn into his Mom and you displayed to the world that you have a child however you need to assemble this business domain for you not really for me so quit constraining your choices on me. Alka tells she did it for him. Dhanush says you cause me to feel washout with your words and you need me to turn into a beast and you can’t adore Keshav as you can’t cherish your child. Keshav hears their discussion. Dhanush apologizes to his Mom and advises her that he would rather not become a child as she needs. Alka leaves. Keshav embraces him.

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Chikoo lets Sameer know that she will not go to a party in the Joshi house. Sameer requests that she go to the party in any case Aarav and Nivaan feel awful and he tells her he will go with her. Chikoo feels cheerful. Alka sees her photographs with Dhanush. Keshav comes there. Alka lets him know she lost her child. Keshav says your approach to educating is off-base however you’re not off-base. Alka apologizes to him for mistreating him. Keshav requests that she become like old Alka and demands her to allow Dhanush to carry on with his life.

Alka meets Dhanush. Dhanush conciliatory sentiments to his mother for his final evening’s way of behaving. She lets him know he commits her understand her error and she requests that Dhanush lead his life in music and lets him know that Keshav will deal with their business. Keshav expresses gratitude toward her. Dhanush inquires as to whether he can see the music. She concurs and leaves subsequent to gift her. Sameer advises Kanika to execute the arrangement appropriately so they can uncover Kamini. Kanika concurs.

Small scale comes to meet Dhanush. Dhanush requests that she assist him with landing seasonal job as his Mom repudiated him in business. Little requests that he ask his Mom and lets him know that they can’t go on without cash. Keshav shows him evidence how Mini utilized organization Mastercards for her own works with verifications. Dhanush defy her and parts ways with her. She leaves. Dhanush lets him know he will party. Keshav lets him know that he realizes he is eager to meet Chikoo. Dhanush leaves telling nothing in like that.

Chikoo comes to Joshi’s home with Sameer. Aarav and Nivaan invite them. Kamini sees Sameer and questions how he came. Sameer tells her Savitri Ji welcomed him and he makes her meet Chikoo. Kamini looks on and thinks she previously met her. Samee makes Chikoo meet with Savitri and she feels blissful. Dhanush praises Chikoo. Chikoo tells his better half try to avoid it. Dhanush informs her regarding his separation. Chikoo goes to Mini room. Little requests that she leave telling she has nothing to grab from her. Chikoo causes her to understand that she is a warrior and requests that she change herself.

Kamini inquires as to whether they are partaking in the party. Smaller than usual comes there and lets Kamini know that she will uncover her and uncovers to everybody that she isn’t Joshi. Kamini approaches her when she is going to uncover her bad behaviors. She cautions her go not make it happen. Chikoo meets Mini. Small apologizes to Chikoo and requests that she uncover to everybody that she is Payal.
Episode closes.

Precap – Dhanush proposes to Chikoo.

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