Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 17th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 17th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Sameer calling Kamini from an obscure number and telling her that he has confirmation to demonstrate that she killed Nupur. Kamini sees the watch is missing and thinks who is the one extorting her. Chief reports the faceoff and she calls Dhanush to the stage. Dhanush performs in front of an audience. Small attempts to definitely stand out however he won’t offer her any consideration which disheartens her.

Kamini figures all that will be obliterated in the event that the coerced have that watch, she calls that obscure number and meets him to have an arrangement. Sameer stress to neet her at Joshi’s home. Kamini requests that he meet outside however he tells her that he will meet her in the Joshi house. Kamini figures her prevalence will end in the house assuming her wrongdoing is uncovered. Everybody class for Dhanush. Chikoo acclaims his presentation. Dhanush requests that Chikoo give her best exhibition by demonstrating to everybody that she is awesome. Chief calls Chikoo.

Chikoo moves in front of an audience for the Saawariya tune. Scaled down figures she will move when music is there and she stops the music. Chikoo stops her presentation. Everybody thinks what befallen music. Sameer asks Maata rani to help Chikoo. Chikoo reviews Dhanush’s words and her minutes with Nupur then she ties ghungroos and performs. Smaller than usual becomes furious. Dhanush plays guitar for her. Chikoo moves for Jag gumeya melody. Understudies talk about they are contenders or a group and everybody lauds the exhibition.

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Chief reports Chikoo as the victor of the round and grant. Everybody class for her. Dhanush salutes Chikoo and cheers her. Small scale feels frustrated. Chief requests that Chikoo talk about her thoughts. Chikoo lets everybody know that she won the life in rivalry and she gave credit to Dhanush and expresses gratitude toward him for supporting her and lets him know that she regard his trustworthiness and lets him know that he prevailed upon everybody by assisting her and I with canning never excuse you in my life. Dhanush grins. Chief requests that Dhanush present the decoration to Chikoo. Dhanush makes her wear the decoration.

Nivaan asks Kamini what’s the motivation behind the party in the following day. Kamini says rich individuals host normal get-togethers and she requests that her children call their companions and she remembers to deal with blackmailer in the party when everybody is occupied. Chanukah grins seeing the sky uncovering Chikoo’s words. Alka lets him know that he is a mistake to her and he can do nothing throughout everyday life. Dhanush stops her. Aarav and Nivaan welcomes Chikoo to the party. Sameer requests that she go to it. Chikoo concurs and applauds his Dad. He figures she will have her responses at the party.
Episode closes.

Precap – Dhanush proposes Chikoo in the party.

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