Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 10th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 10th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Dimple, Aarav, Param playing a dance video of Chikoo. Her companions additionally dance. Chikoo tells she can clarify them. They says not an obvious reason and they urge her to move like Ishq who’s like her. Chikoo hits the dance floor with him. Dhanush remembers to message Ishq about his opposition and he sees Chikoo is replicating Ishq and requests her to not make fun from Ishq and leaves telling he will win the opposition. Chikoo denies moving and lets Aarav know that they will assist him with cooking. Dimple and Param go to take care of their responsibilities.

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Sameer calls the vendor and becomes more acquainted with 4 individuals have that watch however he didn’t get their subtleties. Pushpa inquires as to whether he tracks down it. He tells her he is looking. Aarav tells her he really wants to get things from his place. Chikoo takes him to Joshi’s home. Aarav requests that she come inside telling her there is nobody in the house as of now and I really want assistance to convey the vessels. Chikoo heads inside and feels nostalgic reviewing her minutes in that house. Aarav inquires as to whether she is fine. Chikoo lets him know she is fine. They hear a sound from Nivaan room and notification hooligans are beating him for cash. Aarav guarantees them to pay the cash and sends them. Nivaan cautions them to not include in his matter. Chikoo asks the amount he really wants to pay. Aarav tells he doesn’t have any idea and goes to help his sibling.

Small scale assists Dhanush with rehearsing. Alka lets him know she is great and gives her a charge card to purchase the presents. Smaller than normal feels energized. Later Dhanush messages Ishq to show him steps. Chikoo shows him in a live instructional exercise. Dhanush expresses gratitude toward her and requests that she show her face. Chikoo denies. Dhanush requests that she confront her dread by moving in the open space in the early morning. Scaled down companion asns Mini what’s she attending wear for the grant party. Little intends to utilize Alka’s Mastercard and shops costly dresses for her.

Chikoo moves in the open space playing music. Individuals ridicule her then she runs inside in tears. Dhanush messages her in the event that she is alright. Chikoo says I attempted open dance however everybody ridicule me and I can’t make it happen. Dhanush urges her to focus on her point leaving those individuals. Chikoo expresses gratitude toward him. Sameer comes to her. Chikoo says the last round is of dance rivalry, I chose to move and show my face moreover. Sameer grins and tells her that he is pleased with her. Chikoo gets message that Aarav won the opposition and she races to meet him. Puspa asks Sameer how can he go to track down the guilty party. Sameer tells he have a method for tracking down reality.

Precap – Nivaan perceives Chikoo.

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