Channa Mereya Written Update 24th September 2022:

Channa Mereya Written Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Aditya seeing Pasha pointing firearm at him. He asks him what is he doing and for what good reason he is pointing weapon at him. Pasha lets Aditya know that this kind of gun through just the shooter’s discharged a slug. He then, at that point, advises that its difficult to track down its identity as he attempted his level best till presently however nothing kind of a sign he get against who the shooter is and who is behind this.

He additionally lets Aditya know that he believes it’s truly not that simple to find who it is the genuine individual behind this however regardless of whether we found who the shooter is. Aditya lets Pasha know that they need to find the shooter and the individual who is behind this to assist Ginni with getting freed off her apprehension and tells even Police are exploring and he believes him and his men should figure out what its identity is.

Pasha obliges. The two of them then, at that point, begins examining about the arrangement to find who it is behind this. Golden hears this discussion of Aditya and Pasha by taking cover behind the wall. He then gets stunned when Ginni comes there however the last option neglects to see Golden. Ginni sees Aditya and Pasha. She straightforwardly goes towards them.

Golden gets alleviated. The two Ginni and Pasha welcomes one another. Pasha begs Ginni to review who is the shooter it will be truly useful for them to arrive at the shooter. He then, at that point, leaves the spot after Ginni lets him know she will attempt. Golden who watches this from his concealing spot suspects as much police as well as Aditya recruited private examiners to get him which he wont let that occur.

Aditya ridicules at Ginni that he will ask the police and examiners to quit researching in light of the fact that she recuperated completely so she personally will find the shooter right? Ginni grins acknowledging Aditya believes her should accept rest so apologizes to him for not taking rest. Shailaja in her room open the sweet box which she took it without anybody’s information and starts having it. Somebody watches this from outside.

Aditya and Ginni saw the cleric comes to their home with prasad in his grasp. The two of them welcomes him. Ginni attempts to take his endowments yet because of injury she comes up short.

Aditya tells the minister he will take his favors and requests that he favor the two of them. Ginni gets astounded. The cleric favors the two of them and goes inside the house with the two of them. Akash goes into Shailaja’s room and tells her that she is cheating by having bunches of desserts which will expand her weight.

Shailaja gets stunned however gets remembered seeing its Akash as it were. She attempts to change the subject however Akash tells that his uncle requested that he watch out for her in the event that he goes about his responsibilities appropriately, he vowed to take him to the water park. Shailaja lets him know he should uphold her on the grounds that on each day premise she is the person who assisting him with his schoolwork.

She additionally lets him know nobody will put on weight having prasad and gives him one laddu. Akash requests a case. Shailaja gives him the case in which Golden conceal Kushwant’s journal and makes him vow to not to educate anybody concerning this.

Akash obliges and takes the case in his grasp and leaves the spots. Ginni communicates her happiness tracking down the uniqueness of the sweet box. The minister acclaims Rajvant as he is the person who behind this. Later Aditya urges Ginni to review the shooter’s face that will assist them with finding what its identity is. Ginni apologizes to him when she attempts to review however bombs in it. Aditya says it’s OK yet requests that she continue to attempt which Ginni obliges.

In the dhaba Simran toss things and starts reproving Santu for making food when they dont have any client coming to the dhaba throughout the previous few days particularly after the shoot occurred. Gulraj comes there and cautions Simran. Simran goes to her and advises her to endure that they need to follow through with something so it’s better assuming they opens Chinese café and requests that she keep her pride and self image to the side and allow them to do what she is proposing.

Gulraj lashes out so she takes a stick to beat Simran however Goldie stops her. Gulraj cautions both Goldie and Simran. Goldie stands firm for Simran and concurs with Simran’s arrangement since they are in immense obligation. Gulraj affronts him then breaksdown when she understands she is in a powerless circumstance. She then requests that they would anything they like to do in this dhaba.

Simran gets cheerful. Santu looks furious. Golden’s men gives Golden a new sim card and lets him know that nobody can follow him back since it’s brought utilizing a phony ID. Golden finds out if he get to know where the shooter’s are. His men says no however the second they switch on their versatile they can get to realize about their area so asks not to stress then, at that point, leaves. Golden thinks that he is yet to find where the Kushwant’s journal is. Aditya goes with the cleric. Akash comes there skating towards Ginni.

Ginni sess Akash is holding a prasad box and skating so she recommends him to give it to her then, at that point, take it with him after he completed his skating. Aditya intrudes on them and gives prasad to the two Ginni and Akash.

Akash misses his equilibrium however Aditya saves him from tumbling down and advices him to not to rehash this then, at that point, makes him leave. He then, at that point, indeed attempts with Ginni to make her review the shooter’s face. Ginni gets blissful when she reviews the brief looks at the shooter. She informs Aditya concerning the shooter having long hair and wearing an interesting ring.

Aditya requests her what kind from ring it is. Ginni begins clearing up for him. The shooter enters Singh’s house. Aditya gets diverted seeing something and prevents Ginni from making sense of further and focuses at something behind her. Ginni gets befuddled by Aditya’s adjustment of conduct and looks on.

Precap: Golden advices Ginni to take rest and requests that she take his assistance assuming she really wants it. Aditya tells Golden they dont need his assistance. He then, at that point, prevents Golden from leaving the spot and lets him know Ginni reviewed two significant things of the shooter. Golden gets stunned. Aditya checks him out.

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