Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ritesh asks Indu is she certain that somebody pushed her from behind. Indu says OK. Ritesh asks would she say she is has seen that individual? Indu says no. Rahul goes into the room. He welcomes both Ritesh and Indu. He then, at that point, asks Ritesh for what valid reason he let nothing know that is going on now here.

Ritesh says Rahul that now he is here so all will be great. He then, at that point, heads inside. Rahul asks Indu about her wellbeing. Indu guarantees him she is fine at this point. Rahul upholds Indu her choice to rescue Sameer saying he realizes well there should be some substantial explanation. Indu says thanks to him.

Ritesh comes there with Zoon’s guardianship papers which they are wanting to submit it in the court once more and requests that Rahul keep those safe. Rahul guarantees him the equivalent. Vivek Asha and Anjali comes there to meet Indu. Indu asks Asha is she actually annoyed with her. Asha says OK and communicates her concern for her.

Indu guarantees her that she is fine at this point. Vivek asks how did Indu tumbled from the flight of stairs. Indu tells somebody pushed her from behind stunning everybody. They all suspects it should be Sameer who done this.

Ritesh communicates his vulnerable state to incapable to toss him out since, supposing that he done it then Sameer will take Zoon with him. They all chooses to try to uncover Sameer’s actual face in the court likewise he is certainly not an ideal dad for Zoon additionally defend Ritesh about the misleading claims recently made by Kadambari and Sameer.

Asha then, at that point, illuminates Indu that Sunita needs to converse with her and gives her telephone. Sunita gets some information about her wellbeing additionally communicates her stress over her. She additionally asks Indu how could she tumbled from the flight of stairs.

Indu chooses not to come clean to Sunita thus she redirects the subject which Sunita faculties it so asks Indu is she concealing truth from her likewise asks her is Sameer is behind this assault. Indu lies no and asks her not to stress as she is fine now additionally once she recuperates she will comes to meet her. Sunita hears a doorbell so she slices the call and goes to see what its identity is.

Rajender gets back. He asks Sunita is everything fine. Sunita cries hard embracing him. Rajender gets stressed and asks her what occurred. Sunita illuminates him about Indu’s assault likewise Indu avoided her inquiry how it worked out so she thinks it must Sameer who is behind this. Rajender curses Sameer. He then chooses to lift up Sunita’s temperament by preparing nourishment for herself and heads inside. Here in Malhotra’s home Vivaan comes there and tells everybody they must be more careful about every single steps and cleverly rout Sameer like Ritesh told. He further adds that they need to gather each proof against Sameer to uncover him. Anjali proposes to either push Sameer from flight of stairs or probably they need to capture him. Ritesh grins.

Vivek tells Anjali it’s unlawful. Indu tells they don’t have a lot of time so anything that they are wanting to do they need to do it soon. Everybody concurs with her. Anjali chooses to proceed to meet Zoon. Vivaan follows her. Anjali expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance. Vivaan converses with her affectionately. Sameer comes there and abuses Anjali saying they called no new caretaker for Zoon then, at that point, requests that Vivaan bring his bicycle keys and leaves the spot. Anjali gets irate however Vivaan quiets her down saying they must be additional careful around Sameer and leaves from that point.

Anjali goes into Zoon’s room while calling out to out Zoon. She sees Kaamna there. Kaamna asks her for what reason she is in many cases visiting the Malhotra’s. Anjali tells her that she is hanging around for Indu and Zoon. Kaamna affronts her by telling that she realizes she is here to trap Vivaan very much like her sister Indu who utilized Zoon and wedded to Ritesh. Anjali gets stunned and harmed. Kaamna cautions her to avoid Vivaan. Anjali leaves the spot. Sameer believes that he can’t believe Vivaan any longer so chooses to utilize him to go his message through him to Ritesh and Indu without his insight.

Vivaan comes there with the keys. Sameer gets some information about Anjali. He further lets him know that he submitted papers in the court to send Zoon to child care assuming on the off chance that he and Kadambari causes problems. Vivaan gets stunned. He then acts and acclaims his thought then, at that point, leaves the spot. Sameer grins. Vivek and Asha ventures out from home. Anjali tells Indu even she is getting back to home. Indu gets befuddled however at that point requests that she do according to her desire. Anjali embraces Indu and gets profound reviewing Kaamna’s affronts then, at that point, leaves the spot.

Vivaan illuminates Rahul about Sameer’s arrangement and the last option gets stunned. Rahul then, at that point, stops Anjali to enlighten her regarding Sameer’s arrangement yet Vivaan sees Anjali is disturbed so gets some information about it. Anjali tells she is getting back and leaves.

Not entirely settled to know the explanation for Anjali is vexed do he goes to Zoon. He asks her for what reason did she upset Anjali however Zoon affirms him nothing such occurred. Kaamna goes into the room and put-downs Anjali likewise requests that Vivaan not to fall into Anjali’s snare. Vivaan gets enraged and requests that Kaamna not to meddle in his life then leaves. Kaamna gets stunned and incensed.

Precap: Ritesh informs Indu concerning Sameer’s arrangement to send Zoon to child care additionally Rahul’s discussion with Shivangi who consents to help them. Indu and Ritesh gets confident to get Zoon’s authority this time.

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