Bigg Boss 15 27th January 2022 Written Update:

The present episode begins with Day 117 at 8 Am; awaken melody plays for the prisoners.

11:15 AM; Shamita share with Pratik that Rakhi is frightened. Pratik says that happen some of the time. Shamita says she is feeling terrible for Rakhi. She add she will pass on the assignment today.

3 PM; Karan and Tejasswi share a discussion with one another. He tells Tejasswi that he is anxious before any errand. Nishant and Shamita authorizes Turkey couple and make task technique. Rakhi tells to Karan that Nishant and Shamita taken their thought. Karan tells Rakhi that she is well known.

Afterward, task begins; Bigg Boss invite live crowd. He asks Karan, Pratik and Rashami to turn the inn staff for the first round of the errand. Crowd holler for TEJRAN, Pratik and Rakhi.

Tejasswi orders Karan. Shamita and Nishant provide requests to Pratik. Pratik goes shirtless. Female fans out there whoop for Pratik. Detainees attempts to engage the crowd. Shamita requests that crowd vote keeping their whole excursion in the brain. Crowd guarantee her.

4:30 PM; Inmates keep on engaging the crowd according to BB Hotel task. Task ringer ring; Bigg Boss requests that live crowd vote in favor of their cherished competitor. Karan gets the most extreme vote.

Rashami, Shamita and Rakhi stress for their ousting.

5 PM; Karan and Tejasswi makes the undertaking methodology. Nishant join the discussion.

5:45PM; Karan inquires as to whether she had a word with Shamita. Tejasswi says Shamita definitely dislikes her consequently she isn’t answering to her. Rakhi share with Rashami that Tejasswi is disturbing as she isn’t letting her to do the undertaking with Karan. She adds Tejasswi isn’t accepting the undertaking as a game and meandering around karan.

One more set to Live crowd goes into the house. Housemates gets cheerful seeing the crowd. Crowd whoop for prisoners. Bigg Boss asks according to BB Hotel task Nishant, Rakhi, Tejasswi and Rashami will turn staff. Crowd whoop for TejRan. Housemates attempts to engage the crowd.

6:30 PM; Nishant, Shamita, Rashami and Pratik dance. Tejasswi and Karan in all actuality do couple push up. Tejasswi appreciates.

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7:15; BB requests that crowd vote in favor of their beloved competitor.

Once more 8:30 PM; Live crowd goes into the house. Bigg Boss asks Karan, Shamita and Pratik to turn the staff under BB Hotel task. Rakhi turns Julie for the errand. Shamita, Karan and Pratik attempts to dazzle the crowd.

9:45 PM; Bigg Boss crowd to decide in favor of their beloved competitor. Detainees appeal for their vote.

10:30 PM; Bigg Boss declare the lost 6 Lakhs rupee is reclaimed. He says presently prize cash is 50 Lakhs rupee. BB declare removal. Rakhi Sawant gets killed. Rakhi meet detainees and bid goodbye. Bigg Boss wish karma to Rakhi for her future undertaking.

Bigg Boss salute Shamita, Pratik, Karan, Tejasswi and Rashami for becoming top 6 of the period.

A short time later, Shamita share with Nishant and Pratik that she isn’t wanting to see Tejasswi.

Day 118 at 1:30 PM; Tejasswi read support task. As Renee Fab 5 undertaking , Tejasswi, Rashami and Shamita need to rival one another.

Tejasswi, Shamita and Rashami wins the Reene Fab 5 cosmetics set.

Subsequently, Bharati and Harsh goes into the house. Detainees get cheerful gathering them. Bharati and Harsh uncover about Hunarbazz task. Karan Kundrra’s Big Boss excursion is shown.

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