Bigg Boss 15 27th December 2021 Written Update:

Day 86
12:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that I asked Karan yesterday his opinion on Rashami? He said that she is inciting us and so forth however when they ask him then he doesn’t knock her, he continues adulating her idiom Rashami consistently offers him normal guidance. He realizes that these individuals talk despite my good faith however he needs to remain companions with them? He disapproved of my companions like Vishal, you and Devo when you individuals never sass Karan yet his companions continue to insult me. He needs to remain companions with them for the game.

5:45 PM
Pratik tells Devo that I miss conversing with Nishant, I need to invest energy with him. Devotional says then, at that point, proceed to talk. Pratik says I can’t. He asks where could Shamita be? I don’t need Nishant to sit alone, it’s off-kilter to converse with him.

7:45 PM
Karan asks Rashami what has she seen with regards to Tejasswi? Rashami says she continues to address you so you get passionate. She is acting naturally yet you are not. Karan says I never scrutinized our relationship yet she does it all the time alongside her companions. Rashami says it’s an individual decision to respond to them back or not. You both are not off-base, you both look decent together. Karan says I know it’s my obligation to deal with this relationship and continue getting faulted for everything on end of the week episodes.
8:30 PM
Rakhi tells Karan that Tejasswi is a decent young lady so you ought to wed her. Karan says you got hitched in the wake of reasoning a great deal. Rakhi says I didn’t. She is a decent young lady so what’s there to think about? Karan says I didn’t realize I would fall head over heels here, I am terrified what will occur outside. Rakhi says simply converse with your folks and wed her. She generally deals with you. Karan says I am great to her, I am continually later than expected, I secure my relationship with her.

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12:45 AM
Rashami sees Rakhi destroying in her rest and attempts to put a cover on her. Rakhi acts abnormally in her rest. Umar expresses what’s going on with her? She is expressive even in her fantasies. He attempts to awaken her yet she is in a profound rest. Rakhi awakens alarmed and asks what was the deal? Umar says you were shouting, would you say you are fine? Rakhi says somebody was choking me with a pad in my fantasy. Is it true or not that you were individuals beating me since I am in a finale? Rashami giggles and says unwind. Pratik requests that she walk a tad.

1:45 AM
Tejasswi lets Karan know that you would have a ton of young ladies outside so I would have a contest. Karan says it’s doesn’t matter. I like you so I will continue to nestle you. I have made you cuddly too. You avoid me nowadays. Tejasswi says don’t say all that. Karan says I have noticed you since the very beginning. I would think you have such a lot of energy, you are really in an alternate day.

Day 87
8 AM
The prisoners awaken to the tune kala chashma. They all dance. The nursery is embellished with counterfeit snow. Nishant says I need to get the ticket now.

10:15 AM
Rashami says I am good with the washroom obligation. Karan says I am doing it as of now. Rakhi requests that Rashami wash breakfast dishes then, at that point. She requests that Pratik do slashing. Rakhi requests that Tejasswi continue to prepare breakfast. Karan says I am prepared to surrender the washroom obligation for Rashami. Rashami says since I wind up doing it single-handedly. Nishant says I don’t find support also. Rashami says you never take help. Devotional says Abhijeet doesn’t wash dishes so eliminate him from that obligation. Umar says he will do it.

12:30 PM
Pratik requests that Abhijeet request Shamita’s assistance in washing the dishes. Abhijeet says I won’t converse with her. Devotional says you individuals say that however at that point you proceed to mess with her.

Rashami tells Nishant that I continue to inquire as to whether you want assistance yet you never take it. Nishant says simply center around your obligation. Rashami says I am doing it. Nishant says then, at that point, don’t say that we don’t help you, I needn’t bother with your assistance so don’t offer me that. Rashami says you never help me and that is the issue. Nishant says I don’t take your assistance so for what reason would you say you resent me for not aiding you?

1 PM
Bigg Boss lets the prisoners know that we have been allowing you opportunities to win the pass to finale week. This time, we need to request that you pick one prisoner who you need to select, that individual will not get an opportunity to win pass to finale this week. You need to commonly conclude that. Rakhi can’t be assigned.

Umar: He says I am taking Devo’s name since she is uncalled for in the undertakings with Rakhi. Rakhi says don’t include me in this. Umar says you individuals would cheat in this undertaking likewise assuming Devo is party of it and Rakhi is the appointed authority. Karan requests that Tejasswi take Devo’s name and persuade Rakhi-Shamita moreover. Tejasswi says I need to take Rashami’s name as she is playing a filthy game. Indeed, even the crowd said it.
Pratik: He takes Rashami’s name as she doesn’t talk sense.

Abhijeet: He says I need to take Tejasswi’s name as she was befuddled in the errand which got the assignment dismissed.

Devotional: She takes Rashami’s name for accusing her being companions with Abhijeet yet she, at the end of the day, jokes around with him. Rashami says you affirmed him however at that point you returned as his companion. Devotional says that is my issue. I don’t go to him any longer.

Nishant: He takes Rashami’s name as she didn’t accomplish a lot of difficult work in the assignments. Rashami says I have attempted to persuade everybody in the assignments.
Tejasswi: She takes Rashami’s name since she has expressed pernicious things about me. She additionally said that she isn’t my companion. Rashami says and, after its all said and done I played for you. I’m opinioniated so I will discuss it, you are not even faithful to your accomplice. Tejasswi yells to quit meddling among Karan and her.

Shamita: She says I won’t take Devo’s name as she gives a great deal in the undertakings. She takes Abhijeet’s name as he doesn’t do much in the errands.

Rakhi: She takes Abhijeet’s name as he doesn’t do his undertakings, he doesn’t carry out his responsibilities.

Rashami: She takes Abhijeet’s name for not giving his 100% in the errands.
Karan: He takes Abhijeet’s name as it’s about methodology.
Umar: He says I need to change my vote, my companion is in a difficult situation so I am taking Abhijeet’s name. Abhijeet says he can’t change that. Pratik says then you can cast a ballot against Rashami. Abhijeet says let me think. Pratik says play your game. Abhijeet says I am taking Rashami’s name. Umar attempts to persuade Abhijeet to take Devo’s name however he says no.

Tejasswi lets Karan know that you needed me to take Devo’s name however you took Abhijeet’s name to save Rashami? You are securing her yet you were requesting that I take Devo’s name. You said that you would take Devo’s name. Karan says Rashami played for me. Tejasswi says play with Rashami today too.

Rashami lets Nishant know that you think I am not giving my endeavors in the assignments? I thought you are reasonable, you think Abhijeet is more meriting than me? Nishant says it isn’t so much that. Karan says we can take Devo’s name. Nishant says all of you are fools, would what you like to. He approaches Karan. Rashami says for what reason would you say you are not conversing with me? Nishant says let me be. Nishant tells Karan that Rashami is our rival as well. We should assign her first, Abhijeet will not act in the undertaking. For what reason would we say we are battling to save Rashami? How about we play for yourselves.

Devotional lets Umar know that you individuals become bold, you were requesting that Abhijeet choose me? Rakhi says he could never. Nishant comes to Rakhi and says I am not changing my vote.

Rakhi tells Bigg Boss that Rashami and Abhijeet got 5-5 votes so it’s a tie. Bigg Boss says you individuals are stunning, you picked 2 individuals rather than one. He says Rashami-Abhijeet are designated and they can’t be important for pass to finale race now.

2 PM
Umar lets Karan know that you were unable to try and persuade your better half to change her cast a ballot? She continues to come to us for help yet she can’t uphold us? Karan says for what reason would you say you are blowing up on me? I attempted to persuade her however he didn’t tune in.

Abhijeet tells Shamita that Rakhi will lean toward her kin in the assignment.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Umar continues to insult me however he never played for me. Umar says I made you the VIP. Karan says he played for you in the other assignment moreover. Tejasswi says I guarantee to give back.

2:30 PM
Pratik lets Nishant know that we have exclusive requirements from one another. Nishant says I couldn’t have cared less with regards to the assignment yet nobody was there to play for me. Pratik says you were not playing for yourself, I simply needed to save Devo from the assignments. Nishant says I went over the top since I was furious. I never questions you making companions however the general purpose is we support one another. Pratik says you were designating Devo for reasons unknown. Nishant says I felt awful that nobody was my ally. Pratik says we made statements out of resentment yet we should continue on.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss inquires as to whether they comprehended the selection task? We needed you to name 1 prisoner so we could make equivalent groups for the undertaking yet presently just 7 detainees are staying for the errand. We won’t make the groups now, all of you will make 2 groups. One group will have 3 individuals and other group will have 4 individuals. You every one of the 7 make groups now and let us know. Rakhi says in the event that Rashami was not named then she might have helped in the errand, she is a solid player. Nishant says I am fine with Shamita and Pratik in my group. Pratik says let Devo choose. Tejasswi requests that Devo do what she needs to. I figured we could make a group with Pratik. Devotional says he has effectively picked his group. Devotional goes to Pratik’s group.

Rakhi says Team An is Nishant, Pratik, Shamita and Devo. Group B is Karan, Umar and Tejasswi. Karan peruses the undertaking directions, the triumphant group will become competitors for pass to finale. In the errand, every detainee will have an instant snowman. There will be one skeleton snowman for each group. There will be adjusts, when the round begins then Rakhi will open cotton sack. One colleague from each group will get cotton and they will begin making their snowman. Later the round closes, Rakhi will report which group made the better snowman. Then, at that point, the triumphant group will break snowman of the other group and kill of their part from the undertaking. There will be 4 rounds and the group wi

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