Bigg Boss 15 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Day 81 at 6:30 PM; Nishant and Umar examine to help Karan. Tejasswi tell to Devoleena that assuming it will be on Umar than he will get Rashami and Karan.

6:45PM; Rakhi asks Abhijit to requests that competitors support him. Abhijit won’t kneel before anybody. He says he has a fans outside. There, Shamita, Devoleena and Nishant makes the assignment procedure. Abhijit says he is managing everything else before that even canines weren’t watching. Devoleena, Rashami and Pratik gets outraged with Abhijit’s assertion.

7:30 PM; Umar, Pratik and Devoleena attempts to get the egg once more. Umar figures out how to get the egg. Nishant removes the egg and tosses it outside the house. Umar attempts to climb and Bigg Boss stops him. Umar and Nishant contends with one another.

Bigg Boss says he trust whatever Nishant has done was not deliberate. He requests that Nishant read the assignment rule again for the detainees.

Bigg Boss requests that prisoners restart the assignment and complete it with no interference.
Shamita converses with Pratik, Devoleena and Rakhi that she will save Karan. Umar clears to Tejasswi that she is his subsequent need and Rashami is first. Tejasswi says to Karan that she will preferably play for Nishant over Umar in light of the fact that he isn’t keeping her need.

Devoleena makes a collusion with Rakhi and requests that she offer her chance to oust Karan and Rashami.

8:15PM; Devoleena tells to Shamita that she needs Tejasswi and Abhijit. Shamita, Umar and Nishant choose to remove Abhijit first.

8:30 PM; Karan tells to Nishant and Shamita that Tejasswi will play for Devoleena as she is playing for her. Shamita, Tejasswi and Nishant choose to oust Tejasswi first as Rakhi will play out of line game.

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Afterward, Rakhi and Devoleena tell to Tejasswi that Karan needs to go consequently he was asking assuming they are playing for Tejasswi than for what valid reason not really for her. Tejasswi defy Karan. Karan denies and says he just requested that Rakhi be reasonable in the assignment. Couple contends with one another. Karan guarantee that everybody is playing for Tejasswi. Task begins, Umar figures out how to get the egg. Shamita, Nishant and Umar battles to put the egg inside the fire pit. Pratik and Devoleena blocks the pit. Shamita figures out how to place the egg in the pit. Rakhi favors Devoleena. Shamita, Nishant, Rashami claims Rakhi is cheating. Karan claims Rakhi is doing cheating transparently.

Rashami tosses the food. She goes frantic at Rakhi. Rakhi and Rashami contends with one another.

There, Tejasswi and Karan contends with one another. Tejasswi says she requested that Rakhi and Devoleena support him. Karan says he previously assembled his help. Tejasswi inquires as to whether he has an issue assuming she wins.

9 PM; Devoleena expels Rashami. Amis the errand Nishant and Pratik contends with one another. The two calls each other phony. Nishant calls Pratik liar. Pratik calls Nishant political. Tejasswi chats with Rakhi and Devoleena that she will play for herself. Rakhi tracks down Tejasswi’s choice goo

9:15 PM; Verbal contention proceeds among Nishant and Pratik. There, Tejasswi guarantee that Umar and Karan has an issue assuming she is winning. Tejasswi choose to play for Rakhi and Devoleena. Rashami and Pratik contends with one another post last option guarantee that previous is saying he is an error. Pratik breaks the cup furiously.

Devoleena and Rakhi requests that Tejasswi offer them need as a trade off. Karan contends with Rakhi and Devoleena.

9:30 PM; Nishant apologize to Pratik and requests that he distance himself from him. Rashami says to Umar that Pratik can’t become a close acquaintence with anybody.

Tejasswi and Karan share a discussion with one another. Karan requests that Tejasswi win reasonably. He leave. Karan tells to Umar and others that Rakhi has intended to make Devoleena win left adjusts. Tejasswi shields Rakhi and Devoleena. Karan contends with Tejasswi. Devoleena and Rakhi observe Tejasswi merit the finale ticket.

10:30 PM; Tejasswi grievance to Karan that he isn’t showing any interest in conversing with her. Karan will not answer Tejasswi. He requests that Nishant give him support as he wants him now. Nishant, Karan and Umar share a discussion with one another. Nishant says to Karan that Tejasswi is playing for her and it is right on the money.

11:15 PM; Tejasswi inquires as to whether he has an issue in the event that she is winning. Karan says to Tejasswi that he isn’t preferring she is winning uncalled for way. Couple contends with one another. Karan says to Tejasswi that she can successfully win the argument.Tejasswi cries and talk with Devoleena that none is playing for her. Rashami requests that Karan buck up as Tejasswi is on an off-base track. Here, Pratik asks Devoleena for what good reason she actually talk with Abhijit. Devoleena says she can’t remain furious with him whenever.

Day 81 at 8 AM; Inmates awaken.

Tejasswi objection to Umar for continually overlooking her in the assignment. She adds even Karan don’t make any undertaking methodology.

9:30 AM; Nishant share a discussion with Shamita and says he won’t uphold any in the midst of Karan, Abhijit and Tejasswi. Further, Karan share with Umar and says Tejasswi get things done for camera.

10 AM; Abhijit attempts to persuade Devoleena to play for him.

Pratik and Rakhi says Karan has an issue assuming Tejasswi is winning.

12PM; Rakhi, Abhijit and Devoleena attempts to play with together.

Tejasswi demands Karan to eat. Karan disregards Tejasswi.

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