Bigg Boss 15 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Day 18- AM; Inmates wake up dancing. Vishal greet on camera good morning.

9:30 AM; Vishal, Akasa, Ishaan sleep. Alarm ring for them. Tejasswi asks who is making tea. Karan and Vidhi says milk is not available.

9:45AM; Karan gets irked. He say he isn’t getting tea. Tejasswi lend junglevassi some milk.

10 AMl Karan asks Nishant to change Simba’s kitchen duty. Nishant says he can’t keep switching and asks to manage. Karan says Simba can’t handle the kitchen. Nishant asks Simba to perform the duty else he will replace. He also get angry on Karna for calling him disrespectfully. Karan apologize. Nishant asks Karan not to vent his frustration on him.

10:30 AM; Karan fetch the stone bag and asks Nishant if they are planning to throw stone on them. Ahead, Gorilla come and bring the scroll. Karan block Big G way in a funny way. Everyone laughs. Scroll read about nomination.

Later, Karan asks Umar and Ishaan to bring bench to chill together.

Further, Karan asks Nishant why he freaked at him in front of everyone. Nishat says because he disrespectfully called him. Karan says he was just joking. Nishant apologize.

Buzzer ring; junglevassi fetch the map and map pieces.

1:15 PM; Nishant and Karan talk about nomination. He says if he will get an opportunity than he will get him inside. Karan says they can’t predict.

Nishant talk with Meisha and Jay. He says since he is captain everyone is coming to him for small favours. Umar and Afsana sleep. Nishant asks Umar not to sleep as alarm rings for him.

3:45PM; Prakash stops Donal from using the washroom. Donal tell to Tejasswi that Nishant allowed her. Tejasswi asks Nishant if he allowed Donal. Nishant refused. He confront Donal and asks her not to lie as she can’t use the washroom when blind is up.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss downgrade to the jungle for breaking the rules and taking advantage. He asks main house members to shift jungle as soon as possible. Shamita blame junglevasi for the punishment.

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