Balika Vadhu 2 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Jigar shocking Anandi by suddenly tapping on her back. He then offers to help her to get kadahi out of storeroom. They go inside together and find it. He asks it very big and both of them lift it together to carry it to kitchen. Devali says both of them are looking good together. She acts nice infront of Ratan. Ratan questions Anandi about storeroom incident. Anandi says she didn’t think it was a big matter so she didn’t say it to her. Ratan scold her for hiding such a big thing.

Devali acts good and says not to scold Anandi as she is still child. Later after dinner, Ratan gets shocked to see Anandi picking up the plates from table and Devali saying that now that everyone had eaten, Sejal and Anandi can eat too. Ratan feels disheartened seeing all this. Ratan sits by Anandi’s side as she is sleeping and recalls the incidents. She feels uncomfortable and asks Khimji that they should return back immediately to Devgarh. She is worried about principal rusticating Anandi from school due to long absence.

Anandi is playing alone. Jigar comes and asks if she has also learnt to play by herself. He offers to play with her. Kanku comes and she agrees to play too. She tells Anandi that there is a new food store and they should visit it after some days. Anandi says she won’t stay for long this time. Kanku requests her to stay but she denies. They go to play outside. Khimji and Ratan come with their luggage and ask Sejal where Premji is. Premji comes with Maadi Baa. Khimji says consoling words to everyone and then ask permission to leave and go back to Devgarh.

Khimji asks Ratan to call Anandi. Premji tells him he has not given permission till now. Especially to take back his daughter in law. Khimji gets shocked to hear it. He asks what is Premji saying. They had already made a promise years back that Anandi will go to house only after being eighteen. Jigar tells Anandi he won’t play girl’s games and sit aside. Kanku sees that Anandi looks upset so she agrees to play with her. On other hand, Khimji asks Maadi Baa to make Premji understand that what he is saying is not possible.

Maadi Baa says that Premji is right. Ratan asks Sejal to intervene. But before she can speak anything Maadi Baa shuts her up. Ratan says that they had trusted Premji and done the marriage. Maadi Baa says he didn’t make them marry on gun point. Premji says he cannot allow Khimji to take Anandi with him. He says that she is lakshmi of their house and as soon as she left everything got ruined. Khimji gets angry and asks if he is doing all this for himself and what about Anandi’s future. The episode ends with Anandi playing unaware of her future.

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