Bigg Boss 15 17th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Day 107 at 10:45AM; Nishant and Rashami talk with one another. Rashami request that Nishant play for himself. Nishant concur.

12:15PM; Devoleena tells to Nishant that he is playing for himself accordingly, he is here. Karan asks Tejasswi not to trust Nishant. Tejasswi concur with Karan.

Rakhi and Abhijit share a discussion with one another. They make their errand system.
Thereafter, Nishant and Pratik contend with one another post they examine captaincy task. Shamita asks Nishant not to attempt to disprove her. Nishant requests that Pratik and Shamita defeat from their self-fixation. Shamita says to Nishant rather he is sounding self-fixated. Rakhi side Shamita and Pratik. Afterward, Pratik contends with Nishant. He guarantee Nishant needed to out Rakhi. Shamita requests that Nishant explain as she isn’t understanding the matter. Nishant leave.

8:45 PM; Shamia talk with Karan and says Nishant is attempting to discredit her. They examine about the happened captaincy task. Shamita tells to Karan that she persuaded Devoleena and Rasahmi to play for her. Karan inquires as to whether she will have an issue assuming that Tejasswi comes to the finale week. Shamita says she don’t dislike Tejasswi.

9PM: Tejasswi asks Karan what talk he had with Shamita. Karan tells about his discussion with Shamita to Tejasswi. Here, Shamita requests that Nishant sit and discuss the issue. Nishant says to Shamita that why she expelled Tejasswi and not Rakhi. Shamita attempts to shield her story. Nishant gets enthusiastic and share assuming he makes a relationship, he esteem him/her. Shamita gets sad hearing Nishant. She apologize to Nishant and clears she didn’t intended to hurt him. Nishant says he never anticipated from anybody however this time he did. Shamita says to Nishant she never let him down as a companion.

Day 108 at 8 AM; awaken melody plays for detainees.
10:30 AM; Inmates see carnival set-up and examine about the forthcoming errand. Karan, Tejasswi, Rashami and Rakhi

1:30 PM; Nishant asks kajal from Shamita. Shamita asks Nishant to initially give her embrace. Nishant, Rashami and Shamita embraces together.

5 PM; Rajiv Adatiya goes into the enormous manager house. He says he will take some essential choice in the house. Joker melody plays for the detainees. Detainees trust that the entryway will open. They gets invigorated seeing Rajiv in the house. Rajiv dance in the nursery arear. Shamita embraces Rajiv and gets glad. Pratik, Karan, Tejasswi and others meet Rajiv and gets cheerful.

Rajiv tells to the prisoners that he will make it hard for them to make due in the house. Bigg Boss invite Rajiv.

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5:15 PM; Karan read ‘jadui TV’ task. Detainees can bring the chance to converse with their almost ones by gathering sparkles. The amount of the sparkles gathered will conclude which competitor can talk how minutes with their family. Shamita gets some information about one another. Rajiv requests that Rakhi do

5:30 PM; Task begins; Nishant choose to chat with his folks for 10 mins. Nishant’s parent share a discussion with Nishant. They requests that he dominate the match as he is playing great. Nishant’s dad sing a tune on Nishant demand. Nishant make Shamita, Pratik meet his folks.

5:45 PM; Rajiv tell to Rashami that he is an enthusiastic individual. He tells about Umar.

Rakhi says to Nishant that Rajiv is bringing down his confidence. Nishant asks Rakhi not to get irritated. Then, Rashami gets a valuable chance to settle on a decision. Rashami choose to chat with her mom. She gets glad seeing her mom. Rashami’s mom acclaim her game. She meet prisoners and everybody gets glad Rashami’s mom.

6:30 PM; Rajiv tells Nishant, Rakhi and Shamita that this week they weren’t serving great substance. He alert Rakhi not to prod Shamita with Karan. Rakhi safeguard herself and says she will talk what she needs as well.

Afterward, Rajiv defy Tejasswi about her battle with Shamita. He asks Tejasswi for what good reason she feel Karan is after Shamita. Tejasswi safeguard herself. Rajiv says to Tejasswi she looked extremely revolting to watch her while, she was assaulting Shamita. Tejasswi tell to Rajiv that Shamita broke her trust.

Then, Shamita converses with her mom. Her mom requests that she return with a prize.

8 PM: Buzzer ring; Pratik choose to chat with his mom. His mom gets cheerful seeing prisoners. She likewise says thanks to Nishant for continuously being there for Pratik.

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