Bigg Boss 15 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Day 13 at 4:45PM; Ishaan, Afsana and Umar is asking to change the machine. Ishaan claim BB might have intentionally given damaged machine to them.

4:30 PM; Akasa asks Afsana to talk with her later. They both argue with each other. Akasa says because of them second round she won. Afsana says she will play alone.

6:45PM; BB communicate with inmates and says to easy their work they are sending peeled sugarcane. He also says they can end on going task if they want as machine is not used properly thus it is damaged. He asks to discuss and inform him. Majority decide to continue the task.

Zeher ka Keher restarts. Team Vishal, Simba and Karan compete with each other. In between the task, Afsana decide to play with Karan’s team. Simba tries to block Afsana. Afsana yells and call Shamita rude. Shamita ignore Afsana.

Vidhi shouts at Ishaan for pulling her hair. Buzzer ring and task ends. Shamita inform Team Deer wins. Donal remove Karan from the game.

7:30 PM; Meisha hug Ishaan. Ishaan asks Meisha not to talk with him and do drama. Meisha tries to talk but Ishaan ignore her. She cries. Later, Meisha hugs Ishaan and apologize to him. Ishaan asks to keep task and personal life separately.

Task restarts. All the three teams compete with each other. In the meantime, Umar add water to the juice to increase the level. Task ends, Plant team win and out Vidhi. BB announce Jay, Vishal, Akasa and Tejasswi win the task and gets happy.

8:30PM: Karan talk with Afsana and says he asked all not to make Shamita the captain but Vishal and none listen to him.

Day 14| 8 AM; Inmates wake up and dance.

8:30 AM; Nishant talk with Karan and says he can’t trust Tejasswi, Vishal and Jay. Karan says Vishal, Jay and Tejasswi are loyal among themselves and it is good they went inside the house.

Big G bring scroll for the inmates. Ishaan read the scroll.

11:15 AMl Umar, Simba tries to stich the map. Karan asks Vidhi and Meisha to hide the important information from Afsana, Simba and Donal.

Later, buzzer ring; Vidhi, Ishaan run to take the map cubes. Afsana tries to block Akasa. Akasa claim Afsana unbutton her shirt. Everyone tries to safeguard the map pieces.

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