Bigg Boss 15 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Umar destroying bucket of Afsana. Afsana and Donal decide to destroy Karan’s team bucket. Meisha and Vidhi try to protect their bucket. Karan jumps on Ishaan. Pratik asks to be careful. Pratik asks Shamita to see as Umar is hurt. Umar accuse Shamita for not stopping. Meisha says Donal pulled her hair and she won’t leave her. She try to attack on Donal. Buzzer ring, Shamita says in this round none won. Meisha gets angry and says Donal pulled her hair badly. Karan asks Donal to calm down. He says clearly they are winner of this round but Shamita is playing from other team thus she is not fair.

Day 12 8 PM; Pratik and Nishant talk with Shamita. Nishant says she can’t make new rule that none can hide the bucket in the bathroom. Shamita says whenever any dictator take the decision other set of people don’t support. She add if team Vishal would have done the same thing, she would have done the same thing.

Other side, Ishaan talk with Simba and cry. He says Meisha is not treating him good when in the fight he was trying to stop her. There, Pratik says to Shamita that she is playing with one side. Shamita agree with Pratik.

8:30 PM; Shamita talk with Vishal and Jay. She say she is being unfair from the first round as per their strategy now Nishant and Pratik is pouning on her. Nishant and Pratik join the discussion. Pratik says he already asked Shamita to distribute the equal sugarcane but she didn’t listen. Nishant asks to discuss this thing later.

9:30 PM; Meisha and Vidhi claim that Donal is deliberately hurting everyone out of aggression. Shamita, Jay, Vishal and Ishaan join the discussion. Donal tries to defend herself. Meisha refuse to believe Donal.

9:45PM; Donal cry. Karan asks Donal what happened. Donal says Meisha is lying that she is scratching everyone.

10:15PM; Nishant talk with Shamita says BB is a game to flip. Shamita asks Nishant if he would have been a dictator of the task. Nishant says he would have played fair. Other side, Vishal talk with Donal and says he has won Shamita’s trust and she will make them win tomorrow.

11 PM; Nishant talk with Karan and says he only trust him and Pratik. He also reveal to Karan that Vishal has convinced Shamita that once they will go inside Karan and others won’t be able to make a map. Karan says with this task he got to learn everyone’s real face.

11:30 PM; Tejasswi talk with Nishant about Vishal. She says Vishal has made an alliance with Shamita as per her game strategy. Tejasswi says if Vishal will flip and will say he will make the map than she will inform him surely.

11:45PM; Prakash tell to Vishal that Nishant is with him. She asks if he will not flip and will make a map. Vishal assure Tejasswi. He add Jay is getting heavy on him because he doesn’t listen to him.

Other side, Karan talk with Ishaan and says Vishal is clever.

12:45AM; Jay, Tejasswi and Vishal decide they will have to keep the words at both the ends.

1:30 AM; Karan talk with Tejasswi. Tejasswi assure Karan that they will balance at both the ends. Afterwards, Donal hide the map safely.

Day 13 at 8 AM; inmates wake up.

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9:15 AM; Karan talk with Shamita and says Vishal is confident that she is calling him and Tejasswi inside the house. Shamita, Nishant and Pratik asks Karan to make his own strategy.

9:30 AM; Ishaan talk with Karan about the task.

9:45AM; Karan talk with Shamita about the task. He asks if he will bring level up sugarcane than she will give fair decision. Shamita assure Karan.

10 AMl Big G bring scroll. Akasa read the scroll.

10:15 AM; Karan talk with Vidhi and Umar and decide to foil Vishal’s game plan anyways. He add Vishal is trying to be oversmart.

10:30 AM; Shamita talk with Vishal, Nishant, Jay, Donal and Ishaan. She say Karan is confidently saying that Vishal has said to someone that he and Prakash is going inside. Nishant asks to confront Karan. Karan says to Vishal to wait for the result of the task.

11 AM; Shamita makes a task strategy with Vishal, Jay, Donal and Ishaan. Buzzer ring; Umar and Akasa fetch pathway cubes.

12PM; Shamita tell to Karan that she will play open game and it can be fair and unfair both.

12:45PM; Vishal asks Afsana what problem she has with him. Afsana says she does not want to play with any side. She add she will play for herself.

1:45PM; Vishwa sundari ask Vishal whom he think will rule today’s task. Vishal talk about Karan. VishwaSundari asks Vishal to entertain if he wants clothes. Vishal do acting of Amitabh Bachchan. Everyone get back their clothes.

3 PM; Karan talk with Vishal, Jay and Umar. He says he is upset because Vishal didn’t told him that he is planning to get inside the house. Karan says even he would have told him he would have supported. Vishla and Jay clear their misunderstanding.

3:30PM; Umar stand on other machine. Shamita asks to use same machine. Umar argue with Shamita. Karan asks Umar to use the same machine because despite that nothing is going to get change.

Afterwards, task starts. Inmates try to get the jucie. Team Simba win the task.

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