Bigg Boss 15 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Day 11; Shamita says to Meisha that she ruined her shoe for the task and she can use her. Meisha accuse Pratik that he knew about her shoe. Shamita tell to Meisha that Pratik was clueless and she will get her from her stylist. Pratik hugs Meisha.

8:15 PM; Shamita feel bad for ruining Meisha’s shoe. Pratik console Shamita. Pratik send Meisha to Shamita. Shamita asks Meisha to choose any one shoe. Meisha asks Shamita to give any of the choice.

8:30 PM; Jay talk with Ishaan and says the way Pratik come in front of him, he never go like that to Karan. He add he doesn’t have any problem with Karan but he feel Pratik targets only him. Ishaan says Umar is same.

8:45PM; Pratik, Nishant and Shamita discuss and says Junglewasi took their sweet. Nishant says they won’t allow Junglewasi not to come inside the house.

Afterwards, Shamita, Nishant and Karan share a talk with Jay. Shamita says Jay is aggressive. Karan says he wants to talk with Jay. Simba, Umar join them later. They all says this time Jay was at mistake. Karan says he will talk with Jay this time.

12AM: Vishal talk on camera and says today’s task was enjoyable.

Day 11; 12:30AM; Meisha says to Vishal if he will sit with him than Pratik will come to talk with her. Vishal asks why not Ishaan. Miesha says because Pratik know they fight every night so he will not come when Ishaan will be there with her. BB reveal inmates are discussing to make a pathway.

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Ishaan confront Meisha why she told Pratik know about their fight to others. He add they were laughing on them. Meisha and Ishaan fight with each other.

1:45PM; Tejasswi and Vishal check the stitched pathway. They praise Donal.

3:45AMl Ishaan try to make Meisha understand that he love her. Meisha says to Ishaan she has trust issues and she needs a time. Both hug each other.

Day 12 at 8 AM; inmates wake up on ‘ghunghroo’ song.

9AM; Big G enters the house with a scroll. Umar read the scroll.

9:15 AMl Afsana talk with Jay and tries to decode the scroll. There, Nishant talk with Pratik and says Jay is very cunning and he won’t be able to trust him ever.

10AMl Shamita asks Ishaan to spend time with Umar and she think he is sensible. In the meantime, Umar and Karan fetch steamer from inside the house.

10:45AM; Pratik told to Shamita that Karan stolen steamer. Shamita asks junglewasi not to use washroom as they clean it.

12:30 PM: buzzer ring; inmates fetch the pathway cubes. Pratik tries to get the cubes. Ishaan run with the cubes.

1:30 PM; Jay and Karan talk with each other about former fight with Pratik. Jay says to Karan that Pratik don’t talk with Karan in loud voice and target him. Vishal join Karan and Jay later. Vishal and Karan advice Jay to avoid abusing Pratik in the task so that he doesn’t come in bad light. Karan and Vishal says they will come in front of Jay ever he fight with Pratik.

5:30 PM; Tejasswi read the ‘Zeher ka Keher’ task. The winner will get an opportunity to enter the house along with Shamita, Nishant and Ishaan. The Jungelwasi will be divide in three groups. Shamita become the dictator of the task.

6 PM; Vishal talk with Nishant and says most of them not like Jay and if he and Tejasswi will come to their side than it will be good. Vishal try to make Shamita understand that to support his team she will be benefitted.

6:15PM: Task start. Vishal, Karan and Simba lead their team. They compete against each other. They all try to get sugarcane juice. Ishaan and Umar fight with each other. Buzzer ring. BB ask Shamita to declare the winner of first round. Vishal team win. As per the task; Tejasswi kill Simbar from other team. Later, Simba and Umar argues with each other.

6:45PM; Vishal and Jay talk with Shamita. They tell to Shamita that in next round they want to out Umar.

Vishal asks Simba’s team to join him and he will get them sugarcane juice. Ishaan

Shamita talk with Nishant and Pratik and says she will make Vishal team win as he has promised that they will not let junglewasi complete the task. Pratik and Nishant asks Shamita to think carefully and decide. Shamita says she has decided. There, Karan talk with his team and decide that in this round he will not make juice but will destroy others.

Ahead, task start again. Team Vishal, Simba and Karan compete with each other. Karan’s team tries to protect their sugarcane container. Team Vishal and Simba attack on him. Karan jumps on Vishal.

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