Bhagya Lakshmi 7th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Lakshmi reviews Rishi’s admission that everybody at home is familiar with his undertaking with Malishka. Rishi begins his vehicle. Malishka lets him know you’re with me in this marriage as well and we are together and I realize you’re worried for Lakshmi figuring she don’t have anybody aside from you. Rishi reviews Lakshmi words that how he grabbed everything from her and how she broke their connection.

Malishka says I don’t have anybody anticipate you so don’t act thusly and all will be well. Rishi says I fouled up with Lakshmi and don’t have the foggiest idea how hurted her. Rishi yells for Lakshmi on the way. Malishka says stop it, as she may went to home to cause situation. Rishi says quit acting harsh as we are justification behind her torment. Malishka looks on.

Pandit says Havan is finished and he requests that Neelam give aarti to everybody than they leaves from home. Neelam conveys the Prasad. Lakshmi comes to home and notification everybody is glad and she reviews Malishka words that everybody at home had some awareness of their relationship. Karishma says Lakshmi.

Everybody asks where she proceeded to tell her how they looked through her entire evening. Karishma asks what was the deal? Be that as it may, Lakshmi didn’t pay all due respects to them. Neelam requests that she stop. Lakshmi goes to her room.

Karishma says for what reason would she be able to respond to us. Neelam requests that Ayush call Virendra. Lakshmi comes down the stairs with her bag. Everybody gets stunned. Virendra comes there. Relatives requests that Lakshmi stop. Virendra asks where is she went? Do you have any idea about how much strained you Dad felt? Lakshmi attempted to wed Malishka. Virendra says sorry.

Lakshmi says Malishka let me know that they adores one another before my marriage with Rishi and I didn’t normal that entire family will swindle me I believed you folks so much and she questions everybody why they double-crossed her?i didn’t confided in her so I inquired as to whether it’s reality than he concurred that entire family knows it that why I have broken all my connection with Rishi seeing Maata Rani yet how to break my relationship with you Bauji?

I realize you love me as I can detect in your embrace and our relationship is made before my marriage with Rishi and you vowed to save me from wrong than how you get it going with me? I didn’t felt this much aggravation during my folks demise and seeing Rishi’s marriage with Malishka, she cries gravely and requests that Virendra tell her that he knew nothing about Rishi’s relationship with Malishka. Karishma says everybody is familiar with it so quit tormenting inwardly. Lakshmi says I trust Bauji and she requests that Virendra tell that he didn’t conned his little girl. Virendra says he knows it in tears. Lakshmi gets stunned.

Virendra guarantees to set everything. Lakshmi says you can’t join the wrecked pieces, this reality grabbed everything from me. Virendra as her to pay attention to him however she leaves.

Neelam stops Lakshmi saying you’re spouse of Rishi and we got you for himself and it will not get broken in one manner. Lakshmi says Rishi finished it before itself and presently I just finished it. Neelam requests that Virendra stop Lakshmi and she demand Lakshmi to not leave. Lakshmi turns and she reviews her minutes in that house than she leaves eliminating Neelam hand.

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