Bhagya Lakshmi 6th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Lakshmi telling that she used to feel that no one has great fate than hers, as she got him, however you are smart, falsehood and disloyalty. She asks how might you do this?

Malishka says you are not allowing him an opportunity. Rishi requests that Malishka hush up. Malishka says Lakshmi may be feeling dismissed, and tells that she knows how to deal with the circumstance. She requests that Lakshmi see according to other viewpoint and says it isn’t similar to that, he cherished you and afterward deceived you. She says his best option is me,

what’s more tells that he didn’t double-cross you, infact he cherishes me before his marriage with you. Lakshmi says I was reviling myself and looking for blemishes in me, and says then I believed that assuming I did an error then likewise I don’t merit this. She asks you used to cherish Malishka even before the marriage. She questions him. Rishi says I am truly heartbroken. Lakshmi says it is past the point of no return now, to request pardoning and to excuse.

She asks assuming you adored Malishka then for what valid reason did you wed me? She says in the event that you had hitched me under Maa and Bau ji’s tension, then, at that point, you would have told me atleast, or told them. Malishka says they knew it all from the beginning, about us and our connection. Lakshmi inquires as to whether they had some significant awareness of it. Rishi looks on.

Lakshmi takes him inside the sanctuary and makes him contact Mata Rani’s feet. Malishka attempts to go behind him and tumbles down. Lakshmi inquires as to whether everybody is familiar with your adoration for Malishka. Rishi gestures his head. Lakshmi is stunned and tended to Malishka as family companion, Gurucharan’s words, Malishka’s possessiveness for Rishi. She asks Mata Rani, how did you manage me, how my significant other and family managed me.

She says my significant other was taking rounds with somebody, I kept the karwachauth quick and he was with her. She tracked down his ring and chain on the ground She asks him, for what reason did you remove the chain and ring, to end connection with me. She inquires as to why you was hanging tight for now, to hurt me. She says you needed to end your connection with me, and says today I am seeing Mata Rani and breaking my connection with you.

Neelam keeps havan for Lakshmi. Pandit ji does the puja. Virender and Ayush return home. Ahana lets them know that Lakshmi is found and Rishi went to bring her. She says Neelam Mami has kept havan for Lakshmi. Virender is grateful to God. Rishi asks what are you talking about? Lakshmi expresses what you needed to do.

She says you ridiculed my life and made it a joke. She says I thought you as my Bau ji’s endowments, thought you as my personality and you grabbed my joy and everything. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says say nothing, as whatever you say currently, will be obviously false for me. Rishi says I used to tell you, however figured you will be harmed. Lakshmi says why you didn’t tell me, why you played with my life.

She says I used to feel that this world is wonderful, however you transformed it and demonstrated that this world isn’t trustable. She says I cherished you with my entire existence, and you… She cries and says when Mata Rani grabbed my folks, I felt downright terrible and thought she has grabbed my beginning and end, then, at that point, you met me and you returned my beginning and end. She says I had said that you gave me everything back, Bau ji, Maa, Dadi, Dewar and all the more critically you, however you have grabbed all relations with me. She says I am breaking my connection with you.

A fb is shown, Rishi requests that Lakshmi express what she was talking about? He says Dad told that you was tying the mangalsutra dabs in the medical clinic and inquires as to for what reason is it so significant for you. Lakshmi says it isn’t simply mangalsutra, yet it is the exemplification of our marriage and connection. She holds her mangalsutra.

Malishka gets up and requests that she hear. Lakshmi says whatever you say, it is completely false. She says at whatever point you used to call Rishi, your name streaks as myforever, I thought it is your fragrance image. She says you individuals are not shrewd to deceive me, yet I had allowed you an opportunity to double-cross you. Malishka inquires as to for what reason are you feeling so terrible, and sold out. Lakshmi says you have changed my reality and says I would have known this reality before the marriage. Malishka apologizes to her.

Lakshmi says you won’t ever get grace for taking my life. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him not to take her name. She leaves from the sanctuary. Rishi runs behind her calling her, however Malishka stops him and requests that he unwind. He asks did you see Lakshmi’s condition, she is upset and harmed. He asks did you see her eyes, there was torment in her eyes, and many inquiries in her heart. He says I have fouled up with her, and tells that she shouldn’t have known this way.

Malishka inquires as to for what reason did you get to know her. Rishi says you used to compressed me a ton for marriage, and said that you did this for mental harmony. He says it was a reason, you needed to wed me truly. He says you would have hung tight for a year. Malishka asks what might have occurred? Rishi says Lakshmi’s heart is broken because of me, and says our marriage wasn’t right and not our connection.

Precap :Lakshmi returns home. Everybody sees her. Karishma asks what was the deal? Neelam requests that she stop. Lakshmi goes to her room and brings her stuff. She lets Virender know that she has broken all her connection with Rishi seeing Mata Rani. Virender is stunned. Neelam holds her hand. Lakshmi leaves.

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