Bhagya Lakshmi 5th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rishi running out and slamming into Pandit ji. He says sorry and runs out. Pandit ji inquires as to whether every one of the plans is finished. Neelam says OK. Malishka calls Rishi while he is on the way in his vehicle. She inquires as to whether he is going to sanctuary as Neelam said.

Rishi says no, and tells that Pandit ji called and said that Lakshmi is in the Durga sanctuary. Malishka gets stunned and says she will likewise come there. He asks her not to come. She says she has as of now left from home. Rishi is going to hit somebody and stops the vehicle. Lakshmi takes favors from the God and reviews her marriage with Rishi and every one of their minutes. Rishi comes to there and runs.

Malishka additionally comes there and runs behind Rishi. Pandit ji requests that everybody come behind the sanctuary. Lakshmi is as yet in the sanctuary and reviews Rishi’s double-crossing and his words. Rishi comes there and sees her crushed with kajal demolished in her eyes, and sindoor on her temple. He sees destroys feigning exacerbation. He goes to her and requests that she come, says everybody is looking through her, and father has an awful condition and crying a great deal. Lakshmi leaves his hand and checks out Malishka. She reviews their untruths.

Rishi says whatever happened final evening, I am heartbroken with regards to that. She says sorry, and gets some information about the happenings which occurred previously. She says Durga Maa showed me, that somebody is attempting to get you, I attempted to stop you, however you didn’t pay attention to me and more likely than not kidded with regards to me.

She says I saw nothing, was concerned for you, and was terrified. She says you was taking rounds with Malishka, I was unable to see anything, I was unable to break and there was murkiness infront of my eyes. She says I never thought even in my fantasies that my Rishi will sell out me. She says she was unable to comprehend and haven’t returned home. She says I comprehend that I wedded an off-base individual.

Malishka says I can make you comprehend. Lakshmi inquires as to why you will disclose to him. Rishi cries. Lakshmi says I viewed you as my sister and informed you regarding questioning Rishi and requested assistance. She says I was absurd to ask you for help. She says I had an ignorant religiosity on you, and you both tricked me.

She says at whatever point you used to say that I interfered with you both, you used to say right, I didn’t realize that I divided sweethearts. She says I didn’t question when I saw you both embracing. She says why I am such. Malishka sees Rishi crying seeing Lakshmi crying. Rishi says Lakshmi, whatever you said is correct, we will return home and talk. Lakshmi says don’t contact me, you don’t have any right on me now.

She says I confided in you both aimlessly, even subsequent to seeing everything, this is my discipline. She says the world is changed, either the world isn’t appropriate for me or I am not reasonable for this world. Malishka requests that she comprehend. Lakshmi says rishi is my significant other and you attempted to wed him. She says you was wedding Viraj for individuals and says even she double-crossed her. She lets Rishi know that assuming he had told her once, then, at that point, she would have left him for his joy. Rishi says I would rather not hurt you.

Lakshmi asks what is it, then, at that point? She says I had let you know that I can’t tolerate lying and treachery. Rishi says I needed to tell you. Malishka attempts to meddle. Lakshmi yells saying she is conversing with Rishi and says time has gone now, and says she won’t listen now. She asks how could he remain under a similar rooftop as hers? She asks what was it, that I was made for you, and I accepted like stupid.

Malishka says Rishi is mine and was consistently mine. Lakshmi requests that she be calm and says Rishi was not yours, when he got hitched to me, made me wear sindoor and mangalsutra, and did grah pravesh with me. She says all oberoi family provided me with the right of their bahu and his better half. She says Rishi was hers until the previous evening. She says when he saved me on Diwali night, I thought he cherishes me as I do, however I was all untruth.

Precap :Malishka tells Lakshmi that Rishi used to adore her, even before their marriage. Lakshmi questions Rishi, for what reason did he wed her, when he cherished Malishka and says assuming that you have hitched me because of family pressure then, at that point, would have told me. Malishka says they all know from the beginning, what Rishi will tell you. Lakshmi witnesses mata rani and breaks her marriage with Rishi.

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