Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd December 2021 Written Update:

Anu in her room says at whatever point I shut my eyes Vibhu’s circumstance torment me. Vibhu strolls to Anu says it’s your creative mind. Anu says how could you come inside house you are not so commendable. Vibhu expresses what I fouled up. Anu says due to you my standing is destroyed and it’s all a result of you, assuming you would have killed somebody or take something my standing nit be demolished that much yet you eve-bother a ladies.

Vibhu says this is a direct result of ailment. Anu says assuming it’s right why didn’t he tell truth. Vibhu says I admit him for what reason are you doing this, he was accompanying me however a snake mess with him, kindly attempt to comprehend and trust me. Anu says I can trust TMT or a jackass yet presently you. Vibhu asks. Anu says read my lips and call police. Vibhu flee.

Prem searching for Vibhu says where are you concealing see what I brought for you open and eat it quick. Vibhu says so pleasant of you and see Bajra chapati and crude onion, what is this do you believe I’m poor. Prem says you are more terrible then that at the present time.

Vibhu says its not your shortcoming, my time isn’t right and drop my standing in front if everybody and even bhabhiji. Prem ask what do you need. Vibhu says I wish yo eliminate my eye whuch got into mischief with her and keet it before Bhabhiji. Prem take out blade and says here do it. Vibhuti take blade and cut onion.

Angoori searching for her telephone in grass are. Vibhu calls Angoori she gets frightened subsequent to seeing Vibhu. Vibhu says accept me I didn’t wink at you. Angoori says I saw you doing that. Vibhuti says do you trust that. Angoori says OK I saw everything. Vibhu says OK I’ll eliminate eyes and take out blade. Angoori gets frightened and calls Tiwari says he will eliminate my eyes. Tiwari battle with Vibhu, Vibhu drop blade on seat and Tiwari sit on that blade. Vibhu says sorry to Tiwari.

Next morning Anu in her corridor chatting on telephone with her Dad says Vibhu is eve mystery, our neighbor is so honest and sweet however he is prodding her on various occasions. Tiwari strolls in and plunk down. Anu says to her father tell me am I assume to live under one rooftop with him. Tiwari says definitely no. Anu says are you my father I’m asking him and chat on telephone with father then, at that point, disengages. Anu saya to Tiwari my father feels that I should separate from Vibhu.

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Tiwari says you need to sign not many paper and rest Saxena will care for and calls Saxena. Saxena strolls in welcomes Anu says myself Advocate Saxena, LLM, LLP, LLC and give her papar. Anu ask Saxena says last time additionally I recorded separation. Saxena says OK this has happen ordinarily however in the end Vibhu says sorry to you and you acknowledge his conciliatory sentiment. Anu says this will not occur this time. Saxena says don’t stress this time I’ll successfully win case and request that Anu sign papers. Tiwari get some information about Vibhu’s sign. Saxena says no compelling reason to stress over that.

Vibhu calls Saxena says explain to me for what reason did you call, I’m not in condition to beat you. Saxena says relax yet I can offer you biryani and numerous things, I called you to help you. Vibhuti says I truly question that. Saxena says in the event that you don’t really accept that then, at that point, come to my home and detaches telephone.

Vibhu inside Saxena home calls him and says many thanks and see food on table. Saxena says this is for you. Vibhu says let me eat first I’m ravenous and begin serving nourishment for himself, he was going to eat yet Saxena stops him. Saxena says stand by brief we will play a game prior to eating it’s important says there is a page in this document first sign it then, at that point, eat one chomp, these are legal documents and you have 100 papers to sign so sign it and afterward eat it. Vibhu says how could you. Tiwari on entryway strolls inside and ridicules him. Vibhu says it’s your arrangement, I didn’t do anything it’s my ailment.

Tiwari says I acknowledge that. Vibhu says then, at that point, tell everybody, society that it’s not my issue I’m honest. Tiwari says alright we will say it. Saxena says to Vibhu don’t stress I’ll make a testimony for that with 100rs stamp on it. Vibhu says it do as well. Tiwari says first you do it. Saxena says you both do first. Vibhu expresses what I need to do. Tiwari says you need to sign and afterward I’ll take that case back. Saxena says I’ll battle this case for you. Vibhuti says give me some time I really want to think.

Next morning. Anu, Vibhu, Saxena and Tiwari at Vibhu’s home. Saxena says paper are prepared if it’s not too much trouble, sign it. Vibhuti says to Anu is this your last choice, all that will be over later this. Tiwari begin applauding. Vibhu says for what reason are you appreciating is there any show continuing. Tiwari says when you will be separate from then we will celebrate here. Saxena says initially accomplish the work for which we are here and says to Any I asked to you sign all over however you left with two spots, do that and request that Vibhu sign all over.

Anu request that Vibhu sign and reprimands him. Vibhu says you are doing botch. Anu says I’m revising my misstep which I did before. Tiwari says that was not botch it was innosence if Bhabhiji. Vibhu says why you are hindering in the middle. Saxena derides him. Vibhuti compromise Tiwari. Anu says assuming that anybody attempt to haram Tiwari then, at that point, I’ll put red stew at him. Vibhu says to Anu it seems like I have no worth in your life I have no potential for success. Anu says it’s actual kindly sign it. Vibhu going to sign paper however Gupta strolls in with oxygen chamber and says to everybody don’t sign legal documents I just emerge from trance state.

Tiwari says yo are late they are as of now separate. Vibhu says I didn’t sign till now. Gupta says Vibhu he didn’t winl at Angoori deliberately it’s all a result of the tension on the nerve, you probably won’t really accept that it stand by brief I’ll show you. Gupta places tension in Vibhu’s nerve and he begin winking. Anu says this implies you were saying right gracious god I’m sorry kindly pardon me. Vibhu says it’s alright I would have additionally done same in your place. Tiwari says sorry. Vibhu yells shutup, keep your expression of remorse with you and put breathing apparatus on Gupta.

Angoori in her yard singing. Vibhuti strolls to her and play with her and says a poek to her and says I’m grieved. Angoori says fail to remember it, it’s not your issue it was a direct result of your ailment and wink at Vibhu. Vibhu says OK that was the issue. Angoori says no concerns I comprehend and wink at him, apologize to him says at whatever point somebody wink at me iget furious and wink at him once more.

Vibhu says when you wink at me I feel bashful. Angoori says when did I wink at you and wink at him. Vibhu says at this moment and you wink at me once more. Angoori says I can’t feel that I’m winking at you and wink at him on various occasions. Vibhu says would you be able to feel that you are winking at me, do you utilize cell phone. Angoori says OK and wink at him. Vibhu says you likewise have same issue which I have and wink at her. Angoori in shock and run inside.

Precap :Vibhu says to Angoori anything you desire compose it on a piece of paper and keep outside. In night when Santa Claus will come he will understand it and following day you will get you gift.Tiwari ask Anu let me know what you need in present. Anu says I really want Yphone 14. Tiwari says then, at that point, I’ll get it for you

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