Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2021 Written Update:

Angoori and Tiwari sitting in overhang. Angoori expresses what would it be advisable for me I let you know Tiwari I’m harmed. Anu strolls in yo her overhang. Tiwari see her and welcome. Anu welcome them back. Anu says to Angoori you look annoyed. Tiwari says OK she is disturbed as a result of Vibhu. Anu says if so then, at that point, try not to be vexed in light of the fact that that time Vibhu was not his detects.

Angoori says he was in his detects. Anu says OK he was nevertheless he didn’t know since one of his vein was harmed. Tiwari says I know him. Anu saya he is my better half and I know him all the more then you. Angoori says yet this doesn’t change reality. Anu says I get that, yet he harm his vein by playing videogames on telephone, so when it gets pressure he likewise dosent comprehend that he is winking.

Tiwari says so he don’t have the foggiest idea. Anu saya indeed, he came to me the previous evening then he clarify me all that. Angoori says I don’t really accept that he is master in making story. Anu says I realize he have an awful standing yet this is valid, specialist told him so he will come and affirm for him. Angoori says assuming specialist will say then, at that point, I’ll accept. Anu saya wonderful I send him police headquarters they will vome soon with Happu Singh.

Saxena drinking soupin his home, see Gupta coming stops him and inquire as to for what reason are you in hustle. Gupta says I’m in hustle I really want to go police headquarters on account of Vibhu he wink at Angoori however my clinical report says he didn’t do it deliberately he have and clinical issue so I have yo help a destitute individual.

Saxena says I acclaim you for your reasoning however will you ease up Vibhu’s opinion on you, as per him you are a terrible specialist, you make dolt to patient, he likewise said that you are a dark spot in name of specialist which can’t be eliminated ever and he manhandled you as well. Gupta says to Saxena he is a miscreant currently see I’ll not help him and levae.

Vibhuti having tea and rolls in police headquarters. Everybody taking a gander at him. Chief says to Vibhu when your primary care physician will come we don’t know. Happu Singh says for what reason are you sitting tight for specialist let me know I’ll present a defense against him and prosecute him. Vibhuti says excuse me Happu I’m an informed individual and I came here by my own will so don’t play savvy with me. Happu and Vibhu get’s into contention and Vibhu says a sonnet. Chief says shut up call the specialist. Vibhu says he is coming and taunts Happu Singh. Gupta strolls in and welcomes everybody.

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Vibhu says thankgod you are here now teel them the truth. Happu says let us know truth he is saying he have clinical issue and wink at Angoori. Specialist says who let you know he has clinical issue. Vibhu says you actually look at me and educated me regarding my concern. Gupta says I never said I let you know you are okay, yet you let me know that you eve-bother not many women so if it’s not too much trouble, tell lie, you said that I have clinical issue. Vibhuti says he is lying he let me know the name of ailment. Gupta says he let me know that he will proceed with this show since he is loving it. Official says to Vibhu you will be locked up. Happu point firearm at Vibhu, Vibhu grab it and flee.

Anu in her yard region. Tiwari and Angoori strolls to there garden and welcomes Anu and Tiwari says I can get what you are feeling. Anu says I have confidence in Vibhu he will be demonstrated honest. Angoori says no Anu I don’t need, I belive he is offender. Anu says as a ladies I totally feel for you yet as a spouse I realize Vibhuti can’t do this. Gupta and Happu come while pushing bike. Tiwari says now we will realize Doctor is here. Anu saya totally now we will know.

Happu welcome Anu. Anu makes proper acquaintance and ask is everything is clear is tgere any uncertainty. Happu says OK everything is clear there is no question. Anu says alright then where is Vibhu. Happu says we are searching for him since he is number one eve secret of this town. Tiwari expresses what are you saying Vibhu said this is going on a direct result of his ailment. Happu says you stay silent. Anu says to specialist Vibhu is having ailment. Gupta says no he is fit and fine.

Angoori says presently say Anu fo you actually accept Vibhu is honest. Tiwari says shut up it’s not Anu’s shortcoming. Happu Singh says her main shortcoming is that she is with off-base man. Anu says Happu is right by the way Happu Singh on the off chance that you observe Vibhu then, at that point, shoot him. Tiwari says to Anu it’s an excessive amount of for what reason are you requesting that he shoot. Anu says to Happu on the off chance that anybody attempt to save my significant other shoot him as well. Happu says assuming you say I’ll shoot him now. Tiwari gets frightened and head inside.

Same evening. Angoori watching news channel about Vibhuti. Tiwari strolls in Angoori says look quick Vibhu is on information. Anchor says he is number one eve secret. Angoori says they are heightening a lot about him. Tiwari says remember this person wink at you on numerous occasions, recollect this and forget everything. Anchor says don’t go on his honest face assuming you see him spit all over. TMT watching news.

Malkhan hear this and spit. Anchor says in the event that you can’t spit, beat him or take him to police headquarters. Teeka says it will be risky gor him to be in this settlement. Prem derides TMT and says everybody is later Vibhu. Malkhan says your companion wink at Angoori on numerous occasions. Prem says he simply wink at her didn’t cut her with sword. Masterji says thenwe need to sit tight for him to make a move with sword. Prem says this isn’t just awful. Gupta says to Prem assuming you support Vibhu then everybody will go again you as well. Prem says I’m with society.

Next morning. Anu in market searching for cart. Begger says please somebody give something to eat. Anu says I have something to give you. Poor person says to Anu are you spouse of Kanpur’s greatest eve-secret, I don’t need cash from you I’m leaving. Pelu come to Anu. Anu says kindly drop me to preparing classes. Pelu give her slip saying I’m unfortunately I can’t help a relative of an eve mystery,

Anu yells no and awaken says I can’t allow this to occur. Tiwari strolls to her says then how it will occur. Anu says I saw bad dream that no one was conversing with me and as the things are going on I figure no one will converse with me. Tiwari says don’t stress I’m here to talk play sing with you. Anu says I’m not a child and you will be the first to disfellow me. Tiwari says I’ll accomplish something and levae.

Everybody challenging Vibhu in front if his home. Vibhuti camouflaged ganders at them. Tiwari giggling. Teeka toss Vibhu’s sculpture and everybody kick it. Vibhu takes a gander at everything and appeal to god kindly assistance me. Tiwari welcomes Anu and says it feels awful.

Gupta outside his home. Vibhu strolls to Gupta and calls him. Gupta expresses what happen what is your concern. Vibhu says you determine what is your concern, you let me know that you will go police headquarters and will tell valid however you didn’t. Gupta expresses what did you said to Saxena about me that I ought to be kicked out of society I’m a grimy blemish on being a specialist. Vibhu says uf out of frustration I offer something terrible it’s dosent imply that you will send me to imprison, you likewise disregard me would it be a good idea for me I additionally send you prison,

he joins his hand and says kindly save me I don’t need yo go prison. Gupta says don’t do that I’ll affirm that you have clinical issue it will cost 10,000rs. Vibhu says you showed your genuine nature. Gupta says consider this as harm control for my lack of respect and Gupta get fitz assault and letting froth out of his mouth. Vibhu see snake going over his leg says it’s a snake chomp and yells for help. Gupta lying on floor.

Precap :Anu says to Tiwari my daddy figures I should give separation to Vibhu what is your take. Tiwari says you simply need to sign not many paper and rest of the work Saxena will do. Saxena says kindly sign paper. Tiwari says to Saxena what we will do about Vibhuti’s mark. Saxena says don’t stress I know how to take his sign.

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