Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th December 2021 Written Story:

Tillu and Malkhan sees outsider say we will take 2000rs from him. Man ask how much for tea. They says 2000. Man give them 5rs says do you believe I’m nitwit and leaves. Tillu says to Malkhan he was phony outsider. Gupta ask Angoori how are you feeling.

Angoori says I’m fine. Gupta says I ment it’s so cold. Angoori says I love winter. Ace says she is very much like my dad he additionally like winter. Vibhu strolls to them says you are contrasting a lovely woman and your dad you ought to be embarrassed and sit adjacent to Angoori. Ace derides Vibhuti. Tillu chuckle and says everybody will have tea from Vibhuti’s side. Vibhu chastens him. Angoori says stay silent and how are you. Vibhu says I’m great and ask how’s beginning and end going. Angoori says don’t you realize I’m doing custom. Vibhuti says I’m certain you qill be feeling alone and missing my organization.

Angoori says OK I’m missing organization of Tiwari don’t have a clue what he will do. Vibhuti says I have a plan to kill your dejection I’ll give you an astonishment in evening. Angoori alright until further notice give me some tea. Vibhuti says affirm and ask young men to give tea to Angoori. Malkhan give him tea. Vibhuti says is there anything you need more. Angoori says forget about it simply pay bil and you can leave afterall I love to be separated from everyone else.

Malkhan says 1000rs for one tea. Vibhuti says yesterday you were selling for 500rs. Tillu says to Vibhu as temperature will decrease our cost will increment. Vibhu says are you crazy and what amount are you taking from Gupta and Masterji. Tillu says 5rs as it were. Vibhu says does they favor yoy a ton or margarine you says to Angoori deal with yourself. Angoori says give love to Tiwari from side. Vibhuti leave and Malkhan request cash, he give them 1000rs and slaps them.

Vibhuti outside his home says I’m frightened for Bhabhiji. Saxena strolls to Vibhu says a sonnet to Vibhu. Vibhuti expresses what franticness is this in winter you are wandering will diya with no garments I don’t need you to pass on. Saxena says I need to bite the dust in this colder time of year yet I’m irate on this since I can’t feel cold. Vibhu says no one but people can feel winter, you are huamn however your heart is of creature. Saxena love it and levae.

Vibhuti strolls into his home calls Anu and see a slip saying come higher up it’s fire breakout. Vibhuti go higher up into washroom, he come out however Anu attempt to stop him says where are you going. Vibhu expresses what is this immaturity. Anu says I need this silliness since nothing remains in our life you recollect the amount we use to cherish in school, I use to compose letters then you use to observe me get things done and even went to wilderness one time. Vibhuti says that time I was youthful. Anu says there is no period of affection.

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Vibhu says you imply that affection can occur in any age. Anu says OK there is no time of adoration you can cherish at 60 years old. Vibhuti says you intend to says being enamored at 60 is entirely unexpected and do you trust that. Anu says OK I belive that my companion let me know he is specialist. Vibhuti says I additionally trust this so when I’ll be 60 following 25 years then we will do sentiment and he leaves.

Angoori says to Tillu and Malkhan you cook such a lot of good tea. Young men say have more. Angoori says no in light of the fact that you are not taking cash. Malkhan says you cooked a great deal for us however jever took cash from us. Angoori says you resemble my more youthful sibling. Tillu says you are our senior sister how nam we take cash from you. A crow begin shouting. Malkhan says he is shouting since morning.

Angoori says don’t say like this Malkhan you know senior use to say when a crow talk then some visitor will come to your home. Tillu says this is a mountain crow and at whatever point he say something it implies a fallen angel is coming. Vibhuti yells hi bhabhiji and strolls to her with baggage. Angoori welcomes him back. Malkhan says to Tillu it is demonstrated at this point. Vibhuti ask what have been demonstrated. Tillu says nothing a crow was yelling so we came to realize you are coming.

Vibhuti says to Angoori we battled again and she showed me out. Angoori says it’s dismal yet on other hand it’s great I’ll get organization to converse with somebody the amount I’ll converse with these kid’s on broad information. Crow yells once more. Vibhu says to crow I’m here for what reason are you yelling. Tillu says now he yelling for other one there are chances he is coming. Tiwari yells Angoori name strolls to her. Vibhuti ask why are you here.

Tiwari ask why are you here. Vibhu says Anu and I had a battle she showed me out, you tell me did yoi come here to live. Tiwari says OK now custom have pivoted now I’ll do it Pandit Ramphal has said. Vibhuti says I’ll beat Pandit Ramphal once I get him. Angoori says why you will assult him, he thoroughly take care of our benefit. Vibhuti says I’m heartbroken. Malkhan says to Angoori I’ll drop you. Angoori says OK and says to Tiwari deal with yourself, she take her baggage and leaves with Malkhan.

Tiwari sit next to Vibhuti says for what reason are you generally behind me. Vibhuti says it’s you write me. Tiwari says my significant other’s custom is continuing. Vibhuti says this is sanctuary anybody can come and live here. Tiwari says why are you lying outside sanctuary is your better half has shown you out so proceed to line una inn. Vibhuti says give me 10000 rs I’ll go. Vibhu says for what reason should I give. The two of them begin contending. Tillu taking a gander at them.

Anu on telephone with Menal says I can’t get him, he act the way that I need to know ck him out, do you think I love showing him out and you realize what is most noticeably terrible he cherishes doing that its feels like he anticipate it. Saxena strolls to Anu and welcome her. Anu detaches telephone and ask where are you going. Saxena says I’m going to Shimla it’s virus out there. Anu says precisely its hailstorm there and become frozen yogurt.

Saxena says you are correct I’m taking kesar and pistachio glue with me I’ll apply that glue on my body and rests in ice then kesar pistachio frozen yogurt will be prepared and fled. Anu in shock. Angoori and Malkhan stroll to house. Anu see them and welcome. Angoori and Malkhan welcome anu back. Anu expresses why are you here. Angoori saya my custom is converse now Tiwari needs to do it and says why dod you kicked out Vibhu once more. Anu says I didn’t do it intentionally it’s Vibhuti’s inclination he say me something or do that mek me irate and constrained my to toss him out of house. Angoori says how about you proceed to bring him back. Anu says no I’m not off-base I’ll not say sorry to him and can’t pardon him.

Malkhan strolls back to Tillu singing melody. Tiwari utilizing telephone and lying on Vibhu and Vibhu perusing paper beat Tiwari with that paper says get up is this way how financial specialist rest. Tiwari says then, at that point, how would they rest teel me. Tillu says I know a money manager who lay down with advantages and head down. Tiwari says he may be your relative since you can have them. Tillu says stay in your cutoff points. Malkhan and Vibhuti movks Tiwari. Tiwari and Vibhu begin contending.

Anu strolls to them and says whats going on her. Tiwari says to Anu Vibhu was saying that he is leaving Bhabhiji so I said that off-base. Vibhuti says you were additionally saying same thing. Anu says you can choose subsequently however let me know now Vibhu are you coming mind me now or not since, in such a case that you will return all that will be to ordinary yet I went and afterward you choose to return then, at that point, I’ll take you in. Vibhu believes it’s all set back in light of the fact that there are zero chance Angoori will return says I’ll go.

Angoori strolls in says I got call from Ammaji she was saying now I need to do that custom. Vibhu plunk down. Angoori ask Anu why are you here. Anu says I came to take Vibhu and says to him for what reason rehashed you sist. Vibhuti believes we should go now and will contemplate Angoori a short time later, he gets up and says how about we leave. Tiwari get call from Ammaji. Vibhuti says put it on speaker. Tiwari put on speaker and welcome her. Ammaji says hear to me cautiously you and Angoori don’t need to do that custom any longer Pandit Ramphal has observed one more custom for you, you need to do it one month from now. Everybody leaves.

Same night Malkhan and Tillu counting cash. Malkhan says here 3000 altogether. Tillu says we purchased products for 1000rs and 300rs lunch so we created great gain regular we are procuring 3000rs. Malkhan says 90000rs each month. Tillu says it’s lit of cash we can purchase numerous things in a single year. Malkhan says I was thinking to open another shop. Tillu says when we will have that much cash then we will open coffeehouse. Tea slow down proprietor come to them. Tillu says here are your 500rs. Proprietor says I need to say something. Malkhan says don’t say jow let me know this kid with you will work for us.

Tillu says how regarding 1500rs for him. Proprietor says initially pay attention to me says this is a similar kid who fled with young lady since young lady kicked him and he came to me. Malkhan says will you fill in as worker for us. Proprietor says he is the genuine proprietor of shop and you are his worker. Tillu says are you crazy. Malkhan and Tillu blow up’s and says I’ll see who will kick out if this shop. The genuine proprietor take out blade. Tillu and Malkhan get’s frightened.

Precap :TMT in bar Teeka says to Tillu and Malkhan spred news that Teeka is in prison then, at that point, see everybody will be in shock.Malkhan tell to Vibhu Teeka left us. Vibhu says he left you call Dj and praise one is down from you three. Tillu says Teeka is missing I’m didn’t concern anything awful should have happen to him Tiwari.

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