Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th December 2021 Written Story:

Angoori says to Vibhu you feeling cold vome I’ll give you heat. Vibhu awaken and check everybody is resting, go with Angoori and begin moving and singing. Everybody see Vibhuti kissing shoe. Malkhan ask Tillu and Tiwari what is happening. Tillu expresses what befall him.

Malkhan says in the event that you are finished with Tiwari’s shoes then, at that point, kindly kiss our shoes as well. Tillu says shoes tone are all the rage currently leave it and yells at him. Vibhu get up. Tiwari ask when did you began your new leisure activity. Vibhu says I was dreaming. Malkhan says Anu bhabhi probably tossed this shoe on Vibhuti to beat cabin he gets it and begin kissing it. Tiwari and Tillu giggle. Saxena lying on Ice with no garments close to them.

Next morning Vibhu return to his home see Anu sitting in yard region so hack to catch her eye and welcomes her. Anu expresses what occur. Vibhuti says I’m sorry kindly take me in I’m missing you. Anu says bundle of falsehoods. Vibhuti says I truly miss you, I was dreaming about you the previous evening I thought you were enjoying me yet it ended up being a canine tgat live there. Anu says you are such an animation, how might you be so amusing yet I didn’t alter my perspective. Vibhu says then, at that point, still we going to have child.

Anu gets timid. Vibhu says don’t timid you don’t look great you look great when making individuals modest, implies when you chides you look great that is your character. Anu says yet I would rather not admonish you, I need to cherish you for that you need to change your conduct and I figure we ought to be late in our conduct I’ll go in and make game plans I need you to come in and get heartfelt, she leaves. Vibhu says Bhabhiji shouldn’t have change that much, is she manikin of Ammaji that is exceptionally uncalled for.

Angoori on her entryway see Vibhuti strolls to him and welcome. Vibhuti ask where are you going. Angoori says I’m returning to sanctuary steps. Vibhu says however you said that custom Tiwari will do. Angoori says OK however Ammaji called and said that I need to do custom at this point. Vibhu says are you manikin whatever she sayd you will do. Angoori says she is my Ammaji and she request that I get things done for my benifit yet for what reason are you yelling such a lot of it seems like these ceremonies will benifit you.

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Anu says from inside Vibhu come soon everything is prepared for Deepu Mastana. Angoori says go inside Anita bhabhi is calling you, however who is Deepu Mastana. Vibhu says sadly it’s me and did you kept comfortable garments. Angoori says OK I kept comfortable garments with cover as well. Anu says from inside come child I’m pausing. Vibhuti says I’m coming darling and request that Angoori deal with herself and she leaves. Anu should you are wearing my out. Vibhuti get inside.

Malkhan, Tillu, Master, Gupta and Tiwari outside sanctuary. Gupta actually looking at Tiwari. Malkhan says is he going yo fie. Tillu says he will write kick the bucket. Gupta request that Tiwari take full breath. Tiwari says I’m feeling issue in relaxing. Tillu says he accompanied all safeguards. Gupta says it’s colder time of year of December month you can’t run from it. Angoori strolls to them stressed ask what befall Tiwari. Gupta says he is freezing. Angoori says I told that you can’t make due, your insusceptibility framework is frail.

Tiwari says for what reason did you come here. Angoori says Ammaji called and said that I need to do custom. Tiwari says you return what will befall you assuming that I’m in this condition. Angoori says you return I’ll do custom I’m sufficient. Tillu says I’ll bring tea for you Tiwari. Angoori ask he will be okay. Gupta says don’t stress this is a result of cold he will be fine. Tillu brings tea for him. Tiwari ask what is the rate. Tillu says it’s of 1000rs. Gupta says get up and attempt to cause him to sit however hear break commotion says to Master his legs are firm kindly assistance to make his legs straight. Malkhan says to Tillu I suspect as much now we will not have the option to see Tiwari’s clothing drying in his overhang.

Vibhuti at Prem house calls him. Prem spouse says jobless is here. Vibhuti says bhabhiji I’m sitting out send him here. Prem stroll to him. Vibhuti says I buckle down, conflicted with everybody to be with Bhabhiji close to sanctuary yet she returned. Prem says then, at that point. He says then I am sorry to Anu. Prem says then, at that point, did she acknowledged your expression of remorse.

Vibhu says OK however presently Angoori says she will return to sanctuary, you know the amount I love her let me know how should I respond. Prem says drive her more crazy this time that she show you out of house for long time. He says however I’m terrified that she will beat me since she is dark belt as well. Prem says there’s nothing out of sorts in that. Vibhuti says I’ll leave now and leaves.

Tiwari go into Anita’s home and says I’ll demand Bhabhiji to converse with Amma and see a slip says it should be for Vibhuti like last time and calls Anita. She doesn’t reply and says we should see slip yet will not follow. He get slip and peruses it saying Anita is hijacked, don’t call police or the consequences will be severe. Tiwari causes froze says she is problems how should I respond and see other slip read it says assuming you are searching for address go to room there you will observe a contact number on divider, call us then we will stop for a minute to do.

Tiwari race to room and observe another slip saying we have caught Anu in restroom assuming you need can save him, he says my affection need penance don’t stress I’ll help you and run towards entryway get inside and yells. Anu come out and expresses what’s wrong with you for what reason did you come inside my restroom once more. Tiwari says I’m sorry I thought you were captured I checked out slips. Anu says this is for Vibhuti for what reason are you perusing. Tiwari says then, at that point, did you composed, that you were hijacked.

Anu says I can compose anything he is my better half don’t acquire your legs between my matter. Tiwari expresses what should I say Ammaji is upsetting me. Anu says alright fine call Ammaji I’ll converse with her. Tiwari calls Ammaji and says Anu need to talk yo you. Anu says put telephone on speaker and says pay attention, she welcome Ammaji and says you have send Angoori out in cold. Ammaji says this isn’t chilly, it’s nothing.

Anu says however it’s hard for Angoori. Ammaji says we Angoori and me don’t feel cold and begin wheezing says I suspect as much I’m getting cold. Anu says you requested that Angoori do custom close to sanctuary. Ammaji says from sanctuary I recollect one time me and Pandit Ramphal were going so he got cold such a lot of that he couldn’t move and afterward he play with me. Tiwari separates telephone. Anu says thank you did it, at the present time Ammaji need a therapist I realize one should I organize and arrangement. Tiwari says she needn’t bother with it. Anu says it’s OK however for what reason did you yell again when you came in washroom. Tiwari leaves.

Precap :Anu says to Vibhuti there is no period of affection. Vibhu says you implied that you can adore in any age then following 25 years I’ll be of 60 then we will do romance.Tiwari ask Vibhuti why are you here. Vibhuti says Anu showed me out so I came here, why are yoi here. Tiwari says custom is been switched and presently I will be here.

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