Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th December 2021 Written Story:

Tiwari visits Mishra house and starts requesting Anu, and says today I will request that she converse with Angoori and Amaji to stop this rubbish, Tiwari observes a chit which peruses for what reason are you so late I’m standing by higher up for yourself and I’m truly upset and presently come 4 stages more, Tiwari observes one more note which peruses she is sitting tight for him, and come higher up rapidly through flight of stairs.

Tiwari goes higher up in room and sees nobody and gets confounded, he sees one more note on bed which peruses come in the restroom and don’t thump, Tiwari says for what reason is she calling me in washroom, might be there is some confidential, gives up check.
Tiwari strolls inside washroom, Tiwari comes out yelling.

Anu says how could you enter, Tiwari says I was adhering to your guidelines, Anu says are you plastered, Tiwari says see these notes, Anu says this is for my significant other, Tiwari says you need him to come to my restroom why, Anu says you will conclude where my better half will come, and you came in and for what reason did you yell, it was only a face sheet cover, Tiwari leaves.

Tilu Malkan selling tea, they see Angoori isn’t anywhere near, Angoori strolls to them and says here is prasad have it. Vibhu strolls to her and says give me prasad as well. Vibhu asks Angoori all around great and are these two aiding you, Angoori says OK, Vibhu says don’t stress I will be there with you and not let you resemble Tiwari, Angoori says he needed to come yet I asked him not very. Vibhu asks young men to get them tea,

Angoori says I’m stressed regarding Tiwari how he should make due. Vibhu pays them 10₹ for tea, Tillu says its 500₹ for one, its superior tea, Malkan says it gives you help, Vibhu says shutup, Malkan begins crying and grievances to Angoori that individuals like Vibhu don’t allow them to work, Angoori says cmon pay them, Vibhu pays to young men, and asks will she have kachori, Angoori says OK, Malkan says get for us as well. Vibhu leaves

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Anu and Vibhu eating, Vibhu says it looks so rich here and is this your bew business, Anu says this is our home and this for an extraordinary individual you, Vibhu says cmon I’m customary jobless man, Anu says you don’t need to pay here, Vibhu says gracious consequently I need to do numerous things, Anu expresses not things but rather love, Vibhu says for what reason is it today, and you should contemplate me, Anu says for what reason are you taking it incorrect way, it was only a heartfelt supper with your fav food, Vibhu asks what, Anu says paratha, Vibhu says I disdain it, Anu says there’s women finger as well, Vibhu says I disdain it and my mom was offended by women finger, Anu says for what reason are you acting like this, simply get lost. Vibhu beverages and leaves.

Angoori making her bed, Malkan says permit was to do, Angoori says I’m agreeable both of you go rest its freezing, Vibhu strolls to them, Tilu asks did Bhabhiji toss you out, Vibhu says OK, Tilu says why so cheerful with regards to it, Vibhu says for what reason will I be glad, Tilu says you don’t look miserable. Vibhu slaps them. Angoori says to Vibhu how might you rest here, Vibhu says I have your organization, Angoori says should I converse with Anu, Vibhu says no let her comprehend all alone. Angoori gets call from Amaji and she requests that Angoori return, it was botch from Pandit Rampal and Tiwari should rest she shouldn’t.

Angoori informs Vibhu concerning it and Tiwari will come here now, Vibhu expresses what. Tiwari strolls to them and says Angoori return home and rest calmly, Angoori says how might you so rest, Tiwari says very much like you were going as well, Angoori says OK and you have Vibhu to give you organization, Malkan says come I will drop you bhabhiji.

Anu missing Vibhu, Angoori strolls to her, Anu inquires as to what are you doing here, Angoori says now Tiwari will rest, Amaji had called. Anu says great, Malkan tells Anu that Vibhu is close to sanctuary, Angoori says for what reason do you do this, Anu says he pesters me so much, I had organized a supper for him. Angoori requests that Anu let Vibhu return, Anu says alright.

Tiwari embraces Vibhu and says Angoori, Vibhu drives him away and expresses what rubbish is this, Tiwari says sorry and nods off, Vibhu gets irritated and thinks I figured it will be bhabhiji yet need to lay down with him now.

Angoori strolls to Vibhu and awakens him.

Precap :Anu says to Vibhu I’m heading inside and making a heartfelt set up come in and leaves.Angoori sees Vibhu and tells him there was a misstep and she must be at sanctuary and not Tiwari.

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