Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2022 Written Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2022 Written Update: Angoori in garden watering plants and get’s call from Bhuri. She picks telephone and welcomes her says I need to ask you how do your lack of respect your better half, no this is so weighty I can’t say that let me know something which might hurt Tiwari and yet not really disgusting.

Vibhuti posting everything says bold, ignorant and some more. Angoori tells Bhuri I’ll converse with you later and tells Vibhu this. Vibhu says this is menu card of misuse select one and say. Angoori says I need something which don’t hurt him much. Vibhu says say on his underpants business.

Angoori says OK this is great much obliged for exhortation. Vibhu says explain to me one thing for what reason would you like to disregard him. Angoori says nothing it’s my state of mind and leaves.

Expert and Gupta close to tea slow down having tea. Ace says it’s too cool, even my better half said that. Gupta says she feel exceptionally hot. Ace says OK such a lot of she don’t turn off forced air system in summer. Malkhan and Tillu strolls to them. Malkhan says on the off chance that you don’t turn off forced air system you will freez in winter.

Tillu says I’m befuddled for what reason do you need climate control system in winter. Ace says we were discussing summer season. Tiwari strolls to them. Malkhan says I’m sorry Master we thought something Tiwari shares with them you both think excessively. Tillu and Malkhan begin affronting Tiwari. Gupta says for what reason are you affronting him.

Tiwari says let them do, for what reason are you coming in the middle. Angoori strolls to them and shares with Tiway why are you here indecent individual, there is no proportion in house and you are doing here timepass, you blo*dy fool, listen Tiwari come quick and leaves. Everybody in shock. Ace gets out whatever is going on.

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Tiwari in garden attempting to compose sonnet. Saxena strolls to him says say once again. Tiwari says his sonnet. Saxena says no, torment is slacking in your sonnet and ridicules him says I’ll let you know torment in my sonnet and tells him. Tiwari says wao where did you heard this. Saxena says it’s by well known artist Ghayal Kanpuri.

Tiwari ask from where did you get this aggravation. Saxena says Ghayal was harmed a ton, in school he had uneven love and that young lady said her sibling, when he got hitched his neighbor took his better half, he got hitched again then his significant other showed him out. Malkhan and Tillu begin yelling and offending him.

Vibhu, David and Anu in Anita’s home. David tells Any your are simply metropolitan woman for what reason are you acting like provincial region woman. Anu says when a woman is slighted she will act same way. Vibhu says it was anything but a disregard.

Anu says you were saying anything regarding his significant other isn’t that irreverence. David says it’s a joke, when I tell about your Chachi to my companions they giggle. Anu says that is the reason she took everything and kicked you. David says that is something different. Ani says Chachi found you with secretary in the act and a covert agent was recruited to take your photos.

David denys everything and says I’ll let you know truth I never met her. Vibhuti says the matter is about me for what reason are you bringing your story. David says I didn’t say anything, she began it. Anu tells David he has same quality like you David. Vibhu says don’t get my family between. Anu says I’ll bring. David whispyto Vibhu do you need your family to be slighted more.

Tiwari calls Prem and says I’m arranging a party and you are welcomed, kindly come and call Gupta welcome for party, says finished with greeting currently how about we search for food, calls Angoori. Angoori says endure I’m coming come her room with notebook.

Tiwari ask determine what occur. Angoori says I was concluding party menu, I was remembering to have cotteg cheddar pakoda, we previously kept samosa and chips many time. Tiwari says listen it’s alright you will give pakoda to everybody except you will affront me before everybody. Angoori says no I can’t do, assuming I’ll do I’ll bite the dust. Tiwari says I swear you to slight me before everybody, presently go do as I say.

Angoori in kitchen I can’t get what to do. Vibhu strolls to her window says avoid him until the end of time. Angoori gets out whatever are you saying, whu I’ll really do this way, it’s like there is a party in house and I need to disregard him infront of everybody, so you recommend me something with the goal that he gets injured. Vibhu says I’ll give you a thought and tell her.

Teeka, Malkhan, Prem, Saxena, Gupta, Master in Tiwari’s home cheers and drinking. Tillu says I can’t process one thing for what reason is my manager arranging a party. Malkhan says I suspect as much he will be father. Vibhuti strolls in and welcome everybody. Prem says look Tiwari’s greatest adversary has arrived, he will tell the purpose for party.

Vibhu says when he is my adversary then, at that point, how might I know. Tillu says an individual keeps his adversary data all the more then his companion. Vibhu says you are correct, your manager is of no one and ask where is David. David strolls in plastered. Saxena shares with David cautiously or you will hurt yourself. Tillu derides David. David micks them back.

Tiwari strolls in and welcome everybody. Vibhu gets out whatever’s the purpose for this party and derides him. Tiwari says this is 2007 new year’s celebration which we missed. Saxena says I considered it’s 1947. Everybody snicker. Tillu begin affronting Tiwari infront of everybody. Malkhan likewise start. Angoori strolls in yells at Tiwari and begin mishandling him and his family. Ammaji strolls in. Tiwari says are you in your faculties.

Angoori says OK I’m in my faculties however you are confounded with regards to your genuine father among Ramphal and Jhuman Lal. Ammaji hear this yells her name and blacks out. David says now we can’t have the foggiest idea about who’s sone he is.

Tiwari strolls to Anita’s home and welcome her, says I brought something for you. Anu says frozen yogurt. Tiwari says no I composed a sonnet for you with heaps of torment. Anu gets out whatever are you waiyfor start. Tiwari says his sonnet. Anu expresses out loud whatever force it was great. Tiwari stand by it’s actually left. Anu says wao so incredible it’s wonderful, i’m not sure how could you got such a lot of torment in your sonnet. Tiwari says I get slaps of torment.

Anu says so terrible yet at the same time worth the effort. Tiwari acclaims himself. Anu says you demonstrated one thing the sky is the limit in world. Tiwari says I was thinking if you. Anu says comprehended you need me to take your sonnet to Zafar and listen them, I’ll do it you merit it. Tiwari says thankyou. Anu says I’ll converse with Zafar and request that he distribute a book, would it be a good idea for me I call now. Tiwari says OK.

Zafar in his office says acclaim himself and says his sonnet and get’s call says how could she recall me today. Zafar makes proper acquaintance and welcomes her. Anu welcome her back and says how are you.

Zafar says what might I do for you. Anu says I have some work, I have a neighbor who composes sonnet and he goes by Manmohan Zakhmi, so I need would you be able to listen his sonnet and assuming you like them so would you be able to distribute a book from that. Anu says why not assuming you are saying the he should me exceptional don’t stress send me his sonnet I’ll see bye. Anu says thankyou and separates call. Tiwari says I don’t have words to much obliged. Anu says you can get a frozen yogurt now. Tiwari leaves.

Precap :Zafar on telephone says how passionate. Anu get some information about who are you talking. Zafar says about your neighbor, I’ll definitely publish.Tiwari with Zafar says I will say my sonnet which will distribute and recount his sonnet infront of everybody.

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