Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yuvan saying ‘sorry’ to Tulika. He says kindly excuse me, if conceivable. Tulika says it’s OK, I realize that it was Kabir who made it happen, and our relationship of specialist and patient so it’s fine. Yuvan says thanks to her for figuring out him.

Tulika leaves in tears contacting her marital chain. Banni requests that Yuvan review what occurred on Shiv Ratri. Yuvan says he isn’t recollecting that anything. Banni says it’s fine, don’t stress I will fix a Specialist Sanjay meeting with you. She leaves. Yuvan figures we don’t have time and I’m terrified of Kabir.

Later he reviews Agastya’s words and strolls to where Kabir attempts to cover Banni alive. Yuvan feels horrendous and cries gravely. He says I won’t ever allow a solitary tear to come to Banni’s eyes, I can’t seriously jeopardize Banni’s life. He says to guarantee that Banni is protected, he will do everything. Yuvan gets back and meets Hemant. He lets him know that he needs to discuss something significant with him. Hemant says sure, you can tell me.

The following day, Brinda and Alapana fault one another. Alapana says I recollect how Vandana had given you a tongue-lashing before shiv Ratri night, who knows, perhaps out of your resentment, you might kill her. Brinda says it was a little issue. Hemant comes there, he requests that they quit battling and calls them close to the eating table saying Yuvan needs to enlighten us all concerning a significant choice.

Yuvan assists Banni with joining her hair. Banni grins. He causes her to prepare. Yuvan says this bindi suits you so wear it consistently. She requests that he make her wear it consistently. Yuvan looks resentful. Banni requests that he tell her what occurred as he looks resentful. Yuvan says all is well. Banni says she booked his meeting with Sanjay and he will assist you with escaping injury them we will be content.

Yuvan says her joy make a difference to him. She gets a call from Vishnu and lets him know that she is coming. She requests that Yuvan go with her yet he denies saying he needs to converse with Devraj and tells her that he will meet her at the emergency clinic. Banni concurs. He embraces him.

She inquires as to why you embraced me as though you’re saying goodbye to me. We will meet soon at the facility. Yuvan concurs then he embraces her again in tears. Banni inquires as to whether he is fine. He misleads her that he is fine. Banni leaves. Yuvan calls Vishnu and expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance.

Yuvan comes to the lobby. He takes Devraj’s endowments. He lets Devraj know that taking his choice was significant for myself and you folks, right? Charmi asks what’s he wanting to do. Hemant says how about we go Yuvan, it’s the ideal opportunity for the flight. Hemant reviews how Yuvan mentioned him to send him away to another country for everybody’s security. Charmi aska where could Banni be?

In the event that she is familiar with it. Viraj says Banni has hardly any insight into it that is the reason Yuvan sends her to her place so he can leave. Charmi asks how might they misdirect Banni. She calls Banni to tell her beginning and end. The telephone rings in the house. Myra says Banni failed to remember her telephone at home. Yuvan says it’s God’s desire and if it’s not too much trouble, take of Banni. Banni comes there which shocks everybody. She says God had united us and you need to break that bond?

Precap – Yuvan and Banni will go to the sanctuary and inquire as to whether they have any photographs connected with past Mahashivratri. Pandit lets Banni and Yuvan know that they can check the Shiv Ratri festivity photographs in the collection. Banni and Yuvan see photographs with the expectation that they obtain some much needed education about the offender. Some burqa individual purposes a Smoke bomb and escapes snapping a picture collection from Banni. Banni pursues that individual and makes him/her tumbles somewhere near tossing a coconut at that individual’s feet.

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