Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Banni let Tulika know that she will compensate her for the assistance she did to her in the event that she gets an opportunity throughout everyday life and she guarantees her that she won’t allow her to get heartbroken. Tulika feels regretful and embraces Banni in tears. Banni causes Tulika to sit and takes care of her food. Yuvan cries to himself while holding Banni’s photograph.

Banni and Tulika, Agastya likewise cry to themselves about their circumstance. The following Banni goes to Shiv Ji to be with Yuvan until he becomes Yuvan totally. Tulika sees Banni and conceals her matrimonial chain. She implores god to give her the solidarity to eliminate it. Banni sees Tulika and gives her Prasad. She inquires as to whether she is going to the center. Tulika says she needs to tell her something. Banni asks what’s wrong.

Tulika says Kabir had come to take me from the facility before marriage and in his close to home state he educated me regarding his young life injury. Banni asks everything that he said to her. Tulika tells Banni that Yuvan’s mom was killed by a relative and that individual is the person who gave some unacceptable medications to Yuvan.

Banni gets stunned. She says Kabir is familiar with the guilty party yet Yuvan remembers nothing. Tulika says it occurs in split character and in the event that Yuvan and his mom get equity, Kabir will go and Yuvan becomes typical. Banni says she will figure out who killed Yuvan’s mom.

Banni is displayed to have tied up all the Rathod Family. Banni has a blade in her grasp and strolls infront of the Rathod family. Relatives request that she leave them. Banni says Yuvan got damaged when he saw that his mom is killed by one of the relatives and that individual is the person who gave some unacceptable medications till now.

She requests that the offender admit their wrongdoing if not she will kill all the relatives. Banni counts 3 numbers. Hemant requests that she stop her franticness. Banni says she will begin with Go and tosses a knife at him. Go emerges from his fantasy. Hemant and Devraj ask Banni for what reason could a relative kill Vandana?

Banni says I was stunned like you all yet I need to find who killed Vandana. She requests that the offender come out eagerly and if not I will find what guilty party then offender won’t get absolution and rebuffed harshly. Hemant questions Go and inquires as to whether he got it done. Go says he didn’t and inquires as to for what reason might they at any point question Alapana. Alapana inquires as to for what reason mightn’t he at any point question his significant other who definitely disapproved of Vandana before her passing. They fault one another. Devraj concedes he is the guilty party. Banni says Dadu sa. Devraj says in the event that it’s one of the relatives, my childhood is off-base so it’s my mix-up.

Banni shares with relatives that she allowed them an opportunity as she would rather not suspect everybody except they didn’t utilize it so presently she will examine and questions all to arrive at the offender as the need might have arisen for Yuvan’s recuperation. Later Banni shows Vandana’s things to Yuvan. She requests that he review what occurred on Shivratri night. Yuvan tells her he didn’t recollect as expected.

Tulika comes there. According to yuvan, frankly, I’m terrified of Kabir and I would rather not let him return. Banni sees Tulika and calls her inside. Tulika says she comes to return things Kabir gave her. Yuvan prevents Tulika from leaving. He is sorry to Tulika for Kabir’s doings and lets Tulika know that he knows nothing about Kabir’s doings if not she won’t let any 3 Rd individual enter among me and Banni as Banni is the world to me. Tulika blows up.

Precap – Pandit lets Banni and Yuvan know that they can check the Shiv Ratri festivity photographs. Banni and Yuvan see photographs with the expectation that they get it together about the guilty party. Some burqa individual purposes a Smoke bomb and escapes snapping a picture collection from Banni. Banni pursues that individual and makes him/her tumbles somewhere near tossing a coconut at his feet.

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